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Do these Kingdoms sound original and whats your opinion on them?

S J Lee

Natas - would be better if it went through booms and busts, the price of metal going through ups and down over decades? Could have great big castles built in boom times that no-one now can maintain etc....

Remember - without fuel to burn for smelting, you have no metal! Wood is used for charcoal, historically? You need to smelt almost all ores to get a useful product. If Natas had no fuel, it would have to sell the ore more cheaply...what if someone suddenly found coal in Natas and found a way to smelt the ore in Natas and THEN sell only the finished product? A massive upheaval, Natas would get richer, and others would lose the ability to buy ore cheap. What would they do about it?

If Natas DOES export ore, remember that ore is heavy. Who transports it, and how? Do mule-trains cross deserts / dry lands? Is water a problem?