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Does this sound like a plausible/interesting plot to you?


My main characters Fen and Tully, recently reunited in a foreign land and looking to restart their lives together are offered a chance to get revenge upon the group responsible for Fen's imprisonment. *(Tully had just broken him free and left their employ) To get this revenge however they must ally themselves with an exiled demigod for whom genocides were carried out against Fen and Tully's people in her name.

In this foreign land Kore, the demigod has set herself up as the head of a crime syndicate so Fen agrees to give them the assistance she needs to defeat their common enemy and thus return home on two conditions:

1. *All genocides called off and peace negotiated between Kore and Fen's races.*

2. *All members of her syndicate must leave with her when they go after said mutual enemy.*

My question is this. Does it seem plausible that Kore would risk leaving the power behind as a crimelord for the possible return to her godlike status knowing that at any time Fen can and likely will betray her in retaliation for the genocides committed?

If you need anymore details on my plot feel free to ask....
I think that "likely will betray her" is what might make it so good. This sounds like a gamble someone might make because the prize is too great to pass up (especially if ex-demigods age and restored ones don't), even though working with a mortal enemy is almost impossible. It could be a hair-trigger experience of "I know he'll probably betray me, he knows he'll probably betray me, he knows I know..." and playing mental chess every step of the way to spot each other's tricks but still keep going. A serious challenge to pull off, but fun.


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Seems reasonable for Kore. This would impact my impression of Fen as well. Not that this is a bad thing, but the reader is going to form certain impressions given that Fen is willing to help restore this demigod to power for selfish reasons given what Kore has been responsible for in the past.


Sounds very interesting and plausible. I like the idea of demi-god crime lord. But, be sure to have Kore prepare for the inevitable betrayal as you have said that she can see it coming.


Myth Weaver
Then again, appearances might not be everything:

1) Did said demigod really order the genocide - or was it done by ambitious/bigoted followers in her name?

2) Is said demigod really a crime lord - or is she merely branded as such by a corrupt local nobility?


Slim shady- You're right. I never gave much consideration to how she may prepare against the inevitible betrayal. As of right now Fen and Tully wouldn't have worked directly with her but instead her second in command. She fears they may just kill her an be done with it. Any ideas as to how you might protect yourself from a betrayal?

ThinkerX- The answers to your questions no? And yes.

I want to leave it vague as to whether she ordered the genocides or not. I like the ambiguity of the Kore character. She may or may not have the genocide but she did lead her followers into battle, a sort of endorsement of the genocide.

As for the whole crimelord thing that is definitively true. She competes against the Rimush family for power and influence in capital city of Antum. This is one of the aspects of the story I haven't fully fleshed out yet.
Like, why is Kore now a crimelord and why Antum, and whats the relationship with the Rimush family.


I like the mental chess suggestion. I have my work cut out for me trying to pull this off.