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Domino - An Experimental Dark Short-Story


Hello everyone!

I've been working on my short story for a few weeks now.

After I write it in my mothertongue I translated it to English as much as I could.

Mike Black (aka They'reWatchingUs in Mythic Scribes) helped me for my translation and edited the grammatical mistakes I had made.

Now the book is on Amazon Kindle!

If you have a look at my work, I'll be very happy.

On July 14-15-16, the book will be completely free! Actually, if it was up to me, I would gladly give it free for all the time. But I think I'm restricted with 5 days that I can choose.

Anyway, this is my first attempt to make others read what I've written, thus I'm excited.

I hope you download and read it, it doesn't matter if you pay or not since the Amazon payment services does not exist in my country.

I only want people to read it.

Thank you so much! Here is the link of my book:

Amazon.com: Domino eBook: Serhan Karal, Mike Black: Kindle Store


HI! My book is free now for 3 days! Please take a look when you have time, it's only 46 pages long! :)