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Fantasy worlds (that aren't European)

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by P.A. Trujillo, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Gurkhal

    Gurkhal Auror

    I saw that the Byzantine Empire was mentioned so I'll go along and also mentioned ancient Greece and in general Late Antiquity Roman Empire. Lots of people like the invincible and awesome Roman Empire, but I much more find the later Roman empire to be fascinating with all the stuff going. Same why I favor the Hellenistic Age over Classical Greece.
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  2. D. Gray Warrior

    D. Gray Warrior Troubadour

    I think aboriginal Australia is the perfect inspiration for a fantasy setting.

    Or West Africa, such as the Mali and Songhai.

    Chinese and Japanese fantasy are fairly popular, but I'm surprised I haven't seen a lot of Korean fantasy.
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  3. TheKillerBs

    TheKillerBs Inkling

    You can find it in many of the same places as Chinese and Japanese fantasy. Both wuxiaworld and volarenovels have a Korean section, and novelupdates denotes Korean webnovels with KR, but sadly doesn't have a filter. Gravity Tales used to have a Korean section too, but sadly it seems to have been swallowed up by Webnovel too, RIP in peace

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