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Favorite Genre

Ned Marcus

I think everyone here will choose fantasy.

If you mean which subgenre of fantasy, then quite a few: contemporary, historical, epic, and science fantasy are my favourites. I like SF and planetary romance too. You?


Myth Weaver
I like reading fairly sparse Crime/Noir.
Give me a Femme that is always Fatal and a gumshoe, so hard-boiled that they squeak and I'm happy.


Myth Weaver
Well...I spend most of my thoughts in fantasyish pursuits.

When reading, I like the Classics.
At the movies, I think Fantasy and Horror. But anything thats good really. That does not happen so often anymore.


Myth Weaver
Epic and Dark Fantasy tinted with horror is good. Despite the fact I've never been scared by a book, and don't like most any horror novels, I like the element in Fantasy. Go figer. What I read most is history for research, because I just don't read much any more. The time to read is the time to write.

I would probably write just about anything from Western to cozy mystery to urban fantasy horror if I get the time, but! Epic/Dark is my leaning.


Troglodytic Trouvère
Article Team
By no means are the following mentions exhaustive, but a couple of genres I love are (1) Northerns (A subgenre of Westerns set in regions such as the Yukon), (2) Post-Post-Apocalypse (a subgenre of post-apocalypse wherein civilisation has begun again) and (3) Lovecraftian Horror (we all ought to know this one).


For subgenre, it's high fantasy for sure, I'm too much of a DnD and mythical creature lover, followed by romantasy (not with vampires or werewolves tho and not these toxic ones) and steampunk fantasy.
Urban fantasy rarely catches me, except it's good supernatural horror.
Science fiction doesn't make the list either.


toujours gai, archie
Try as I might, I can't manage to choose a particular genre. Books I can choose. Authors I can choose. But genre never feels clear enough, and I find myself surprised when I happen on a good book like True Grit that I never thought would appeal to me.

That said, I still haven't found a YA vampire story I like because I never let one in the door.
My reading is as broad as it gets... everything from sci-fi, through spec fiction to crime with mostly historical fiction in recent years. Usually enjoy biographies but mostly get bored once the subject gets famous.

Also read a lot of historiography (especially medieval and early modern) and also a bit of theoretical physics over the years.

I guess this is reflective of my writing genres having published crime, historical, spec fic and sci-fi. I am the Kubrick of novel writing.

Oddly enough, I used to read heaps of fantasy but hardly ever do any more as it tended to be so same-ish. Probably the last fantasy book I enjoyed was The Hydden which blended urban fantasy with an alternative England. Even that had it's issues - I remember writing to the author (something I NEVER do) to ask a few questions and a month or so later he sent a very polite reply.