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Favorite topic to write about?


Myth Weaver
I dont know.

I think I have the most fun writing scenes that are showing the growth of relationships between characters. The topic does not matter. I suppose the real topic that affects all the characters, is how do I win the war?

Themes in my stories, which might sub-in for topics, include things like love, responsibility, duty, sin and atoning, religion and meaning, grief pain and healing, justice, honor, anger and hate....meh, pretty much anything that might be a part of us all.


I am not sure that I have a "topic" that I most enjoy, other than writing what I think is entertaining, and will hopefully entertain readers. That might include an intriguing plot, interesting characters and dialogue, engaging action scenes. Things like that.

I don't really set out, with my tales, to have a particular theme or message, so that would not be a favorite, for sure. A theme or themes may come about as the story develops, but it's not, for me, a central issue.
People thriving despite everything.
Food-chain-adjacent rejects who found out (or are finding out) that owning it is the secret.
That confidence is just being so damn cocky about your ability to make lemonade that you catch the lemons underhanded and then juggle them to the kitchen.
The kinda people that dare everyone else to work as hard as they do and then show mad respect to the ones that even get close.
The kinda people that point to God when they rock the world and MEAN it, but hustle for it behind the scenes like hellhounds are on their trail.
The kind of people that don't expect s**t but squeeze the guts out of even the tiniest opportunity.
Scavengers, basically.


Myth Weaver
I take my cue from Judy Hops... Blood, blood, blood. And Death.

All right, not really, but I don't have a favorite topic. My favorite scenes are either the set-ups or the reveals... Probably the reveal, but whenever I think to myself: "That's gonna screw with the die-hards," and by die-hard, I mean those people who've read the books 2-3 times pulling out little details. I love it when I get emails from these poor bastards.


I like to write about poor or disadvantaged characters, they have drive and can be inspirational - I love how the chance lone wolf character will seize his opportunity, and there might even be a mother they are trying to save, or a daughter they are about to suave.
I suppose topic is different from theme, with ‘theme’ being a more overarching description. But still, it’s difficult to know what to say when it comes to topic. Really within the themes I like to write about lots of different topics.

So anyway, some topics probably include womanhood, magic, domestic life, plants and landscape, duty versus desire, coming of age, love. Lots ‘o’ stuff.