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Fictional Europe

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Trauma, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Trauma

    Trauma Dreamer

    My story takes place in a fictional(and magical) version of Europe, with a setting similar to medieval times.

    The kingdoms/towns/cities(along with their names) are all fictional yet the cultures related to their respected countries remain the same.

    With that said, and with the map and countries still in their places, should the countries be renamed or would it make sense to keep their actual titles? For example:

    "Germany is renamed Gütisvhast, but the language and cultures remain."
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    By using a real-world name, you are bringing in real-world assumptions.
    That might or might not be a good thing. Only you will be able to tell if it works for you.
    Just be aware of the Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp"
  3. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    I think it would be best in this case if you used synonyms for the countries, or mythical places of said country's history. "Gütisvhast" doesn't mean anything in German and doesn't mean anything to Germany. Alemannia on the other hand accomplishes the same goal of distancing the place from the real world country, while also establishing that the fictional version is supposed to be an imitation of the real world one.

    Netherlands : Batavia
    England : Albion
    Switzerland : Helvetica
    Central Italy : Latium

    You can go on and on.
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  4. Trauma

    Trauma Dreamer

    I see, then it would be best to use alternative names for these countries, after all. Now to build upon it.
    Which begs the question: Would Europe then be called Europa(which is Latin) in my fantasy version of it? Or "Old World"?
  5. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    Most languages seem to simply call Europe, a variation of Europe, so little luck there. The Persians apparently called Europe "Frankistan" after the Franks,, so you could take that if you wish. Up to you.
  6. Trauma

    Trauma Dreamer

    That's very true, so I may have to make a list of names or forge an original name by combining Latin words together from words that are related to Europe.

    Had to refer to this site for some name ideas: Alternate Names/Europe
    At the moment, draft names of countries so far are currently:
    Spain: Iberia
    Germany: Alamania
    Italy: Esperia
    Norway: Nöörjen
    Sweden: Gothia
    Finland: Fennia
    United Kingdom: Ablion
    Ireland: Éire
  7. Nighty_Knight

    Nighty_Knight Minstrel

    Another thing to keep in mind is Europe in the Middle Ages didn’t have the same exact countries that exist today. Germany, for example, was the Holy Roman Empire and made up of a bunch of separate Kingdoms and Principalities. Italy was divided into city states such as Milan, Venice, Florence, the Papal States, and the Kingdom of Naples. France was France, but also Burgandy was not really unified with France yet.

    Here is a good site with maps of Europe based on year. An example here is Europe in 1400.
    Euratlas Periodis Web - Map of Europe in Year 1400
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  8. Prince of Spires

    Prince of Spires Maester

    If I would use the exact map of europe, the cultures of those countries and the borders of those countries then I would just use the country names. Though, as Nighty_KnightNighty_Knight mentions, I would pick a year and then use the countries as they were then. I don't think you gain anything by just renaming the countries. It would feel very silly and contrived to me. Only once you start changing the map and borders does it make sense to start changing names.
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  9. Mad Swede

    Mad Swede Sage

    Hmm. That suggested name for Sweden would apply only to the southern part, not to the northern parts or the areas around Stockholm.
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