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Hello, I'm curious about writing groups.

Hello, I'm rather new at all this so please forgive any blunders I may make. I wish to find a writing group who will be interested in helping out a neophyte to the written word. I am a self proclaimed "newbie" but have been creating projects of my own amateur skill level and now hope to learn more. I also would like to meet fellow creators that are interested in fiction, fantasy would be great but I do dabble in other genres such as science fiction and horror. I hope to meet a group that will be knowledgeable but for the most part fun, I enjoy creating. Thank you for reading and your time.

BJ Swabb

Hey there! I don't know of any groups but I would love for you to join me in my adventure if you like. Private message me and we can talk and see if you are interested. I'd like to know your ideas.