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How comfortable are you writing ahem, 'romance' ?


We had a real "James Bond" in the family. Supposedly he used to go to James Bond movies and laugh.


I really like good romances, even tho I'm pretty much aromantic, I think I never fell in love in 31 years ^^', but I can appreciate romance a lot when it's portrayed as actual partnership and more like a deep friendship.

What is definitely to rare, are couples that are together right from the start of the story, or couples where they meet, get to know another and then clearly communicate what they want from another without much drama.
Oh, and polyamory. It's so rare instead of love triangles.

In most cases, especially lot of young and new adult and also some adult fantasy I read over the years, the romance often is really alien and over the top to me. It often also feels like the romance is overbearing the rest of the plot, and the love interest is just a price to win. Mix in a lot of jealousy and these typical "I can't live without you!"-phrases (knowing another for three weeks) or anything, and I'm gone.

Also when there are cheesy synonyms for genitals. Please, just say penis. It's not a love sword or anything. I know that just a matter of taste, but I can't take the scene serious and also the characterization of the pov person maybe changes a lot. I think of a very shy and maybe more childish person, who can't even think penis and tries to make up terms instead.