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How does one counter writers block?

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by NinjaCat, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. The Dark One

    The Dark One Auror

    If you want a little inspiration, read The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes (a former poet laureate). A wonderful poem inspired by - and famously resolving - writer's block.
  2. ShadeZ

    ShadeZ Maester

    Sounds like Robin. Robin is Zeke little brother and a god of lust (every kind from sensual to blood lust), the color red, wrath, scorned lovers, and seduction. He is a skilled at doing what he wants and getting away with it and is often sadistic and violent the very physical form of an unleashed human ID, however he can be very cute and vulnerable too just depends on his mood. Deep down he is a tortured soul cursed to immortality and an insatiable taste for blood. Yet despite that not a bad guy not a hero either. More of that guy who's and ass but you still love him. But is often accused of things he did not actually do give his nature.

    Robin dialogue is more like this:

    "Hey Rauduur (alternative name meaning red in his language). You know the villagers think you murdered this woman at the Black Aces Tavern right?"
    "Oh do they now... what did she look like?"
    "Red hair brown eyes."
    "Was she from Exodia?"
    "Was she killed in the forest?"
    "No, she was found dead indoors a knife in her chest."
    "Was she a spy for Azear? An assassin possibly?"
    "Hmm, you have a ripper (his language term for a serial murderer) on the loose in the town."
    Robin speaking in enunciated diimdrak as if I'm an idiot "Reparii, you know the humans that run around killing random civilians cause they... hmm, I dunno because they do for whatever reason (demiduur/gods cant relate to those they see as prey in Robin's case "evil" humans)"
    "I KNOW WHAT THAT IS Valentino (another name he has a lot of aliases)."
    "Hmm, I'm bored so do you want I will hunt your little murderer? Could be fun since I haven't killed anyone in a while. Plus who knows what special abilities you gave them."
    "You haven't killed anyone in a while? You the god of bloodlust hasn't gotten pissed off and 'accidentally' killed anyone lately."
    "No, Vanya (goddess of the forest, archery, and hunting, Robin's mate/wife) dislikes it when I kill and I love her so I am done snapping necks out of irritation. But if it is a planned kill and I can assure her he killed a bunch of innocent women then she won't care. Besides you are the author you would know if I was slipping up and killing people."
    "Not necessarily. I have no clue what you do in your free time."

    See Zeke is helpful, Robin though and some others are jerks about it.
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  3. Hir i-Chorvath

    Hir i-Chorvath Auror

    I can see that.
    Your description of Robin reminded me of one of my characters called Makien. He loves to fight and is incredibly annoying. Everything he does winds up in one of those two categories. Aitar, his twin and only parental authority, usually ends up grounding him for something or the other and usually ends up joining any conversation involving Makien because of his penchant for trouble. Which is increased by a lot given their ability to teleport across worlds.

    Conversations with Makien usually wind up like this:

    "Makien, how did that Vweynun girl (the Vweynuns are what people from a certain world are called) escape her academy trip last week? I still can't figure it out."
    "What? Oh, I have no idea what you are talking about."
    "Of course not, because you can't read minds."
    "That's Aitar's thing."
    "You're being obtuse on purpose."
    "I have been told from multiple sources that I can make a boulder look smart. I don't think so."
    "You created an entire government that people are still following three hundred years later. A boulder can't do that."
    "First of all, don't remind Aitar I did that. He grounded me for a century for that. And second, that was completely different, I was trying to annoy Aitar by proving that that style of government is daft. Instead, I have an entire country doing a whole bunch of rubbish that I made up based on everything that Aitar was telling me that I couldn't do that time when he was really busy and got mad at me for breathing too loud."
    "You can be cruel at times, you know that?"
    "It's Aitar's fault. Is there a place that needs to have a war? I want to fight."
    "You can fight demons."
    "They can actually kill me and it's no fun if I can't kill any of them. Anyone else?"
    "And why would I encourage you?"
    "Because if you don't I'm going to go and start a war anyway but you wouldn't get to decide where."
    "And if I told Aitar?"
    "It just makes the fight harder. Come on, I need to kill something."
    At this point, Aitar joined the conversation, "Makien, if you ever go anywhere near that girl again, I am grounding you for a millennium."
    "What!? I just told her how to erase a few runes! You can't ground me for that!"
    "Well, that's one question answered."
    "She managed to make a bigger mess than you half the time! She has all four worlds in an uproar. People on Sena'ka (A world) want to destroy the Vweynun's. The people on Mellaidor (different world) are trying to block off access to the entire world. And Dor-Ruamor (yet another world) is just out to kill anyone who visits. And now I have another mess to take care of!"
    "So... does this mean I get to fight?"
    "Can I get a new brother?"
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  4. ShadeZ

    ShadeZ Maester

    Haha yup. Robin hates humanity (largely because a former human lover broke his heart and because humans murdered his big sister and dad using a god slayer weapon) Zeke who he refers to as a sibling even though they are technically adopted cousins on the flip side despite being a god of ice, art, wolves, the wild, war, and winter is extremely pro humanity and will show mercy and favor humanity. As a result, you have Zeke showing up if Robin looses it and start up on a would have been killing spree. Given his connection to the dragon god of magic Zeke is able to sense the minds of/ is EXTREMELY INTUITIVE toward those around him especially his siblings and is often able to feel/guess pretty much dead on what they are thinking. He also tends to have a sort of calming and protective aura that neutralizes most or Robin's hate and anger.
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