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    I've slightly overcome an obstacle in a new project.

    As every story has its own tone, theme and such it can be written in first or third person. Or, if not a novel, short story or novelette, then in a play or movie. This story of mine is coming out loud and clear as a graphic novel. I can see how it is, how it flows and the art work. It can happen, if it weren't for one problem; I have no idea how to write a graphic novel.

    Does anyone know by their own experience the graphic-novel-writing-format? Or a site that can help?

    Many thanks!
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    You need to storyboard the frames with stick figures and dialogue boxes, then fill in the art frame by frame when you're satisfied. Even if you're publishing it on the web, you've also got to format your frames around the size of the printed page, which I believe is typically your standard 8.5 x 11. It's common to have a two-man team - the writer/artist, and a colorist who does the grunt work.
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    This link might help. Graphic Novel Script Format | Tim Stout

    When you think about it, how graphic novels are created is similar to movies. There's a script and the artist follows that script to create the images. Sometimes the script can be very specific in what should be shown. Other times, the writer leaves it up to the artist as to how things are shown. To my limited knowlege, there is the Marvel way and the DC way, but there really isn't a industry standard. Some people just do what works for them.
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