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Hullo, Hola, or whatever.


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Hi! I'm Conundrum, I love all things fantasy, but I'm not actually a writer. Shocking, I know. I actually worldbuild for myself, for fun. I just create things. ...And destroy things, and make wars... I'm here mostly to get advice on things like speculative evolution, a few other things, and maybe get some inspiration from other's ideas! (Not stealing them, ofc) And yeah, that's pretty much it!


Troglodytic Trouvère
Article Team
Welcome aboard. Worldbuilding is a fantastic hobby. It costs nothing, drives creativity and you can never run out of more world to build.


Myth Weaver
Welcome aboard!

World building is good fun, but until I put stories to the ideas they aren't concrete and I don't get the full thrill of creation. I look forward to seeing your work.