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I had a bizarre dream last night...

I know this will sound all weird at first, but I could see it making a good story possibly.

In my dream, I witnessed the missiles drop during the climax of World War III. As one would expect, the earth was now near inhabitable and survivors were forced to band together to keep alive in this post-apocalyptic world. Right here is where it gets "weird."

Aliens come down to earth to help the remaining humans out and establish order by helping rebuilding parts of their lost civilization. Certain humans have a natural affinity to the energy source used by the extraterrestrials that grants them magic like abilities such as telekinesis, fire, etc. This unfortunately created an elite ruling class of people in these high tech colonies that ruled over those that couldn't use this energy.

I woke up shortly after that part, but this one was weird to say the least. I wonder if this would make an interesting sci-fi/fantasy epic though.


Myth Weaver
Dreams are where a lot of stories start. Rarely can I remember enough of my own to make anything from them.
Have you read Patrick Tilly's Amtrak Wars? There are no aliens but it also deals a post-apocalyptic America and the contest between Tech and Magic. I remember them being a good read but that was 20+ years ago.