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I wish to share my fan club with the right people.


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My name is Cynthia Hanson. I am an avid fan and writer of fantasy, and also a newly published author of a couple novels and picture books. And will soon become an avidly talented writer of screenplays and maker of my own movies.

All of these things are due to my unshakable love and devotion for the character of Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. because in spite of the fact I did not create him originally (he happens to be a mostly minor character from the original Oz books series, which are in the public domain) he has still had such a tremendous impact on my life in evry way and in such positive ways that I absolutely feel it is my destiny to do the same for him through my abilities to create through words and images.

I have a fairly new website built around promoting all things to do with my WogglebugLover Productions items and also dedicated to helping TRUE fans of the Wogglebug to connect. I'll soon tell more about these things. Just remember that regardless of whether you already are, or want to become a member of this fan club for any reason there are at least two important rules about such without exceptions.

1. You must be a real fan of the Wogglebug for the way he really truly is (I'll explain more about how he had been mistreated severely in many ways during the previous century by writers and fans and even other characters of Oz).

2. You must be an atheist, or at best an agnostic. This is because the Wogglebug is a good example of how reason and logic prevail over myth and superstition always. And, yes, I'm an atheist. Have been all my life basically, and am enormously proud of it.