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Let me just say...

I am happy to be here! Came over from Nano Land just today. Thanks, starconstant!

My name is Pam (couldn't tell from my username, could you?), I am 42, married to my best friend for 22 years. We have four kids who are a joy to me!

I've been writing steadily since 2007, and fantasy is where I'm most comfortable. I love creating new worlds, and creatures, and changing real history to suit my own needs. Yay Fantasy!

This would be longer, but my family is clamoring for a family card game, so off I go!


Welcome! Yay, another I recruited ^^

Card games are awesome. Makes me miss holidays at my grandmothers house :)
Thanks for your welcome, all!

@Behelit: It was 'Five Crowns' actually. Haven't heard of Munchkin. Cute name!

I'm going to write myself into a happy place today so I can ignore the snowy, slushy roads in my neck of the woods! I'm getting ready for the 50k March challenge, so I'll be heading over to that thread soon!