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Mae Govannen!


And that's the extend of my elvish. ;)

I'm deep into creating a novel about mice in a Tolkien-esque world, similar to Redwall and MouseGuard (which I've not yet read), but with more of an adult, Sanderson vibe. After bumping into this form last week, I was blown away by the kindness and creativity in here. You all seem like an amazing group.

I live in Virginia, USA, and work as a graphic designer. I have a wife and a year-old baby, leaving little time for writing, and plenty of time for brain-storming. Favorite authors include Tolkien (duh), Michael Crichton, and recently, Brandon Sanderson.

Looking forward to the journey,
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Michael Crichton - under-rated I would say... Jurassic Park,the book is better than Jurassic Park the film...