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Mae govannen


Hello everyone!

I'm HiddenVale. Currently I am the one running things at the second largest encyclopedia for J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy world. For awhile I've always wanted to successfully find a community of fantasy-world makers, but never actually looked up the right things until this week, and came across Mythic Scribes today - it seems to be an ideal place for just that. My preferred fantastical "domain" is traditional: that of the worlds of Lewis and Tolkien, and of your everyday Medieval action game from the 2000's. I am not one who will care much for role-playing or for easily appealing modernized fantasy.

Cumulatively, I have six years altogether of experience building one fantasy world, but in spite that I am a stubborn reader, and am not too knowledgeable of the ways of modern fantasy literature. This is the first time my own content will have exposure to fellow fantasists, so I'm glad I've wound up here!


Myth Weaver
Hail and well met HiddenVale
Good to have you here.
Leap on in and don't be shy.
If there is a fantasy niche we probably have a writer of it here.