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Magic System Feedback


I have come up with a magic system and different kinds of magic and all I need is for somebody to critique what I have written. I have come up with different kinds of magic and rules to using them. Please try to ignore spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. I was typing this quickly.

Sorcery: Magic that somebody is born with
Rule Magic: Learned magic
Elemental: Essence magic
Spiritual: Magic using the supernatural
Chemical: magic using chemicals
Willpower: magic creating with pure willpower

Sorcerer: Somebody born with magical power. They tend to start out with little to no power as a child, but as they grow, they gain more power. Most of the time they start out with one major magic sub type like illusion or restoration magic, but it is most likely as they get older, they will start to have more than one sub type. Also sorcerers have abilities other magic users don't have. They don't have to use a casters glove, they are better at enchanting, they're great at opening portals, and their magic is very powerful. They also don't have a limit to their magic, besides the magic takes energy from them, and but if they use it too much, they could become crazy with power and become corrupt. Also it is forbidden to learn more spells as a sorcerer, because of the long history of corrupt sorcerers. When a sorcerer becomes too powerful, supernatural beings (most commonly demons) will try to take feed from their power, or possibly possess them.

Mage: Somebody who learns magic through a book or a teacher. People that want to learn magic usually go to a mages academy or they learn from maybe their family. Mages must know the words to the spell, as well as the language of the magi and if it requires a magic circle, they need to know how to make it. To get their hands on a spell book, they get it from the academy, or they get it passed down. To cast a word spell, they must recite the words as seen in the book. To cast a spell that requires a magic circle, they must draw the magic circle and its parts and then recite the words. For many mages, they must use a casters glove. Magic without the glove usually burns the casters hand, so they must wear a special glove that won't be damaged by casting magic. The only people that don't use a glove, is the more experienced casters.

Mancer (Essence user): Somebody that uses essence to cast magic. Elemental magic comes from an elemental essence object, which is the source of the essence. The source essence objects are kept in their own individual elemental temples to keep them safe. Other objects can be filled or enchanted with essence, so that the source is portable. Essence magic is kind of one of the weaker magics because it is only elemental energy. It is also one of the easiest to use and to get a hold of and anybody can use it so it is the most common form of magic. Essence mostly comes in the form of a Mancers glove. It is a special glove that contains essence and is used to cast magic, but the essence slowly runs out over time and must be refilled. There is also a more efficient way. If you have a special crystal, you could get it enchanted so it becomes a permanent source of essence, but it is very hard to get a crystal enchanted and is very hard to get your hands on an enchanted object.

Cleric: Somebody that uses the supernatural for magic. This is one of the most risky types of magic depending of what entity you're going to for power. If you are seeking power from a God or Angels, it is not very dangerous, but it the least efficient way of power, for angels and Gods very very rarely grant power to mortal beings. The more efficient but dangerous way is asking spirits or demons. Spirits tend to help for personal reasons. Some spirits are lonely and want to do a favor for you in return for your company, some spirits are evil, and want to use you to hurt others. Demons are the most dangerous to ask for power. Demons are unpredictable and you never know their intentions. Some demons, though not many, will grant you power out of kindness, but most demons ask for something in return for power, but that now means the demon could use this against you or if you break the deal, you are most likely dead. Most people looking for Immense power go to demons because what they can give, has no limits.

Monk: Somebody that uses sheer willpower to cast magic.This way is the least popular way to go. This way takes a lot of waiting. Monks meditate and slowly build up elemental energy. Most of the time they also chant and call to the spirits of dead ancestors or master magic users to give them energy. After they build up this energy, they may choose to save it for when they need it. This way is not efficient, but it is one of the most powerful ways.

Witch/Warlock: Somebody that uses alchemy to cast spells. Warlocks/Witches, tend to use natural and man made materials to cast spells. They use salts, dusts, plants, oils, bloods, stones, fire, and other materials to cast these spells. They can do so much as open portals, cast magic circles, heal, and give life.

Alchemist: Not to be confused with Warlock. They instead make drinking potions. They use the natural things that Warlocks use, but make it into potions, and when the potions are consumed, they can have magical effects. The effects go from healing, poison, and magic abilities.
Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I use a number of different types of magic in my WIP, with many similarities to what you've described, though I don't use a caster's glove or magic circles. In my story, I don't go into lots of details about all the different magic systems; I often just make use of them according to the rules I've come up for them and leave it at that. I feel that consistency is more important than full explanations, so I wrote only a couple short info dumps about certain aspects of the magic system and let the reader figure out the rest from the action and dialogue. With a magic system as extensive as yours, you might consider doing something similar.

But, yeah, as for the system you've devised, I like it.

K.S. Crooks

Sounds like a great system and start to your world. I would suggest working on the limitations of each type of magic and how a person who uses each type can be defeated. Also how do people with no magical ability view members of each of these groups? How do members of one type of magic view the others? And is it possible for a person to have the ability to perform more than one type of magic?