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Names for pets.



Works for anything, even three headed dogs



Myth Weaver
Gus and Leo for me.

The previous one was Murray. If you want cool fantasy names, you will have to ask the daughter.

BJ Swabb

I had many cats but my two recent ones were Luna (nmed after Luna Lovegood), & Winston (after Winston churchhill

Don't ask me. My last cat was Tabitha - ie Tabbie the Tabby! Before her it was Spooky because she was white as a ghost. Now since I seem to have somehow adopted my sisters cats I've renamed them - Squeak - because she squeaks. And Princess - because she's a stuck up little minx! I don't have a single shred of originality what it comes to pet names! Though in one of my books I did name a cat - She with the sharp claws who must be adored! Though as everyone knows, cats of course, name themselves! Because they couldn't trust such an important thing to a human!

Cheers, Greg.