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Need a kick in the rear?

Philip Overby

Article Team
The Secret Menu Of Writing Advice

Chuck Wendig will provide you with a boot.

The blog is called terribleminds and Wendig dispenses writing advice in a very unique way. Mostly by cursing a lot. This blog is the equivalent of a really funny drill sergeant shouting at you to "Get off my obstacle, Pyle!"

After I read his blog, I bought two of his books on Kindle. He is really that "lol" funny.

It doesn't necessarily pertain to fantasy writing, but just writing in general.

Warning: tons of foul language. Here's an excerpt (foul language edited)

Write what you want to write. Write what you need to write. Write what engages you, what interests you, what gets your blood pumping and your jaw tight. Because what else are you going to do? Play it safe? Write what everybody else is writing just because everybody else is writing it? What’s the point? Why bring nothing new to the table? Why fail to bring yourself and your passions to the page?

Write urban fantasy because you want to write it. You want to write astronaut porn? Suburban murder mysteries? Arthouse tales of North Korean sexual repression? **** it. Buckle up, and write it.

Good advice. Highly recommended for people who are tired of reading "How to Get Published in Under a Minute" type advice anyhow.


Astronaut porn sounds very sophisticated. I think I may have seen it as a kindle book. :)

I like Bradbury's the Zen of Writing. Very inspirational but, unfortunately, sans profanity.

It's his birthday today, by the way.

I bet he'd be into astro-porn!

Philip Overby

Article Team
I think this is a great blog for people who needle over every minutia of their work. As a freelance writer he HAS to write or he doesn't eat. Imagine that?