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Need Help for New Novel - Please Choose 1

Hello everyone. I am finishing a novel that I am very excited about by the name Infiniverse: A Blip in the Metaverse. I am having a hard time coming up with the best sounding pitch to explain what the book is about to get people interested. Below is a few I have come up, I was hoping you could tell me which sounds best. Thank You in advance and if you want to updates on the book I created a facebook page - Infiniverse
The Galaxy is in the Metaverse

300 Years in the Future Space Travel is still in its infancy. The combination of the Mixed Reality Metaverse combined with the ability to manipulate matter has created a virtual world so important that is has all but replaced reality.

The Druids deemed the most trusted in the Universe were giving ultimate control over the Metaverse. To help police the virtual reality they gave superhero abilities to a select few random Metaverse users, called Ethereals. This eventually led to a power struggle between the two in the Druid-Ethereal War that led to almost all users from both groups to lose their avatar and ability to enter the Metaverse.

During the war an evil group from the "dead star" planet of ??, in the furthest and darkest area of the Metaverse, has recruited users not only in the Metaverse, but also in the real world. Obtaining the feared "Dark Matter" weapons that are capable of killing not only the user’s avatar, but their real life body. The Despotics as they are called grew a massive following, led by the popular Metaverse user known as "Tyrant" and struck in both realities, on a day known as the "Day of the Despotics." Hundreds of thousands of important users joined the Despotics or were killed off by them.

Not being safe in either reality, users will now have to decide to fight to save the invaluable virtual reality or hide in the real world and hope the Despotic recruits show mercy.

Many groups will form with different goals from domination, power, peace and value. The Despotics, Insurgents, Kings Alliances, Hacker Pirates, The Legendary Modeo and Katana Group and more will all rise in the first Universal War battled over two realities. Who will you back?


A young mother unexplainably gives birth to the first baby created in the virtual world, Metaverse, and uses matter manipulators to get herself and her baby out of the virtual world where she raises him strictly in the real world.

After her death, the young child, now a teenager named Klic becomes very interested in the Metaverse and enters for the first time.

The same day an evil group called the Despotics, led by universally adored Tyrant, uses his influence to commence countless attacks on innocents in both reality and virtual reality declaring their power.

Klic quickly learns he has special abilities in the Metaverse that seemingly appear only when in need before disappearing. With his influential Uncle, they set out on an adventure to locate and destroy the Druids “WAR” key before the Despotics reach it and bring guaranteed peace back to the Metaverse.

What is it about?

300 Years in the Future the Metaverse has evolved into an immersive and limitless mixed reality virtual world built to become a mirror image of reality with the goal of advancing life. The Metaverse has become a Universal Communication device that is currently the only way to make contact and interact with lifeforms on other planets. With powerful technology called Matter Manipulators we are able to transfer all of the atoms that make up our body into the virtual world, creating an exact copy of ourselves. Shortly after, the tech company Infiniverse created virtual “3-D Printers” that gave the ability to bring in objects and resources into the Metaverse, to achieve perfect simulation.

Using this platform, we were not only able to discover other planets, but it became a testing environment that furthered humanity in areas like medicine that transferred back into the real world. Issues like homelessness and hunger were ended. Combined with the fact that living in the Metaverse doesn’t age our real-world bodies, humans have the ability to live hundreds of years without the fear of disease or accidental death.

But now the trusted keepers of this virtual world, The Druids, have all been killed off in a war with their own creation, The Ethereals, leaving the hotly debated “War Mode” on and a struggle for control.

As a committee is formed, they are unable to locate the Druids “keys” that control the main aspects of the virtual world, leading to the rise of the evil group from the darkest area of our universe, the Despotics. Led by their leader, Tyrant, and help from Infiniverse, they have brought in illegal weapons that they use to take planets hostage and steal their resources. This universally popular user is now using his influence to build an army in the Metaverse as well as reality, and control them to do whatever he commands to get his way in both realities.

Today an 18-year-old human is entering the Metaverse for the first time but will quickly be thrown into the first Universal War that will be fought virtually for the fate of the Metaverse.


The Universe is now a video game. Even after the discovery of other planets and lifeforms, the real world’s limitations for sharing of knowledge and resources was a barrier.

Enter the Metaverse, the technological and social hub of the Universe and the Infiniverse, the invention of virtual printers capable of loading and sharing resources.

Singularity simultaneously occurred as Reality and Virtual Reality have become undistinguishable. The Metaverse has connected hundreds of planets and trillions of inhabitants.

With the aid of the greedy tech company Infiniverse, a dark group from the far reaches of the Universe, known as the Despotics, has emerged as a threat to The Metaverse and all that exists inside and outside it.

Timing could not have been more perfect for the Despotics as the Druid-Ethereal War ended, Laws of the Metaverse have been removed as the 5 controlling keys of the Metaverse have vanished.

The Day of the Despotics arrived in both the Metaverse and Reality, announcing their power with the goal of locating all five Metaverse keys that would inevitably lead to total domination.

The Most Famous User in the Metaverse, known as Tyrant, became the leader of the Despotics and used his universal influence to amass an enormous army, not only in the Metaverse but in the real world.

Life is now threatened no matter which reality you live in.. Welcome to the First Universal Mixed Reality War.


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Of the four, I think the style of 2 is most likely to sell the book. But, I don't think any of these pull me in. I am not feeling the hook.

All of these I feel, are lacking in voice and maybe even vision. They feel like infodumps to me.
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#2 could be a good origin story for a new world where there are ‘digital people’, reminds of ghost in the shell for this reason, but you know that was done in the eighties, so although yours is more about digital culture, what would make it forward thinking?


The summary is one part book summary and one part sales pitch. You want to say, this is what it's about, and you want to convey, this is why you want to read it. I would pick #4 actually and stop at bullet 5 use the last bullet as your tag line.