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Need more naming help


Myth Weaver
Really? Hmm. Maybe I'm just gifted at pronunciation. It gives me no issues.

Truthfully, it's not one of my strong points. I took two years of French way back in high school. Memorizing words and learning the grammar was no big deal. Trying to speak it kicked my butt.



That's nifty. I had a hard time actually finding the words I wanted. I had to do google results one at a time. For some reason, I couldn't find a website where I could enter a word and it translate it into every known language. If anyone finds that website, let me know.

I've tried to find a site which has the services of multi-translating but I couldn't find any working one too. There is a program named Babylon, it has limited use but I guess you can simultaneously search for words with it.

Google translate is very very bad if you're translating whole sentences. Especially fo non-west-european languages. But if you translate word by word it's usually correct and you can also listen how it is pronounced.