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New Publishing Style


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Hello everyone.
This is my first time in a forum but I thought I have to share this cool news. When I was looking to publish my stories I came across the company "EmotionTime Animation Studios". You can register on there website as a user and submit your stories as a script. Yes, it was a bit of a struggle to convert my stories into a screenplay format, but I've gotten used to it in the meantime. If your screenplay is accepted and is realized within, I think it was 3 years, you get a share of the profits from the sales of the final product (film or series). That's really cool. And you don't even have to be a professional writer. I just write for fun in my spare time and my scripts have been accepted. Well, I haven't received any profit yet, because the 3 years of production are not over yet, but I'm in good spirits. If you also want to publish your stories in the form of an animation movie or series, no matter what genre, I can really recommend Emotiontime.com. :)
Agreed. This sounds simply like you're pushing your own business.

Also, it sounds like a bad deal. 3 years is very little time in which to get something like a movie made. If after those 3 years the writer gets nothing, then it sounds more like stealing from the author than actually something they benefit from...


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I don't think this is being entirely honest with me. My suspicion is, this is an 'I pay you' website, and they do some AI crap, and if it makes money, good for them, and if it doesn't I already paid them.