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Publishing Historical Fantasy

Ned Marcus

Does anyone write historical fantasy—short stories or novels? How is the market for this?

I have a 7,000 word story set in 7th century Britain that I want to publish. I'd hoped to find magazines with a special interest in this genre but no luck so far. Perhaps they don't exist. I know there are general fantasy magazines, but I'm interested in the historical fiction market specifically. I think it would be interesting to write more in this genre.

For that matter, does anyone enjoy reading historical fantasy.
I enjoy reading historical fantasy. I also write both historical fiction and what could be described as historical fantasy.
Do you self-publish or traditionally publish?
I am not yet published at all, but I have a short story that I would consider nearly done, I am considering self publishing it on Amazon. It is set in the 10th century and has fantastical / mythological themes.

There is a thriving market for historical fiction that has ‘fantastical elements’ rather than it being full on fantasy, if that makes sense - for all audiences. Both indie and mainstream.

Ned Marcus

It makes sense. Actually, I couldn't imagine writing big magic in a real historical setting.

10th century in which part of the world?

Ned Marcus

Same. Northumbria, which was the political centre at that time. I was interested in the century in which England converted from paganism to Christianity. My protagonist is a pagan who slowly and reluctantly come to see goodness in the new ways—without completely converting.

One thought I've just had about writing historical fantasy is that I'd have interesting historical material to blog about.
That is a fascinating time period. I find the transition from pre-Christin belief systems to Christian conversion interesting insofar as this would have been quite gradual. Examples of Viking necklaces have been found to be ‘religiously ambiguous’ with Thors hammer also looking suspiciously like a cross.

We still have traditions still practiced that are ‘pagan’ in origin.

I’ve also been considering starting a blog where I can let loose writing about my interests in history and how it can influence fantasy storytelling. Too camera shy to start a YouTube channel and too scared of TikTok 😅