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Page Publishing


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Don, thank you so much for opening this thread. I have been searching for information on page publishing on Google and have just not been able to find out anything they didn't say themselves.

This thread has been a wonderful resource for me. I understand that there was some dispute caused by multiple assumptions and layers of misunderstandings, which in all honesty were quite terrible to barrow through. However, I do believe some really great advice were given and taken. Thank you all for contributing.

And this is my introduction to this website. I feel so lucky to have stumbled here.
They do! It's $1595 up front with additionals monthly payments of $295 for another eight months. So in total you'll pay $3955 just to get your book publish.
Guys, I have a question. If you didn't go to a notary or wherever it is you have to go to get your work copyrighted, but you've sent it to a publishing company that turned out to be a vanity publisher a.k.a. a scamming company, like Page Publishing, can they steal your work? I'm very concerned after having sent my work to them and receiving an email about their "investment" afterward. I still haven't returned their call, but I will, saying no-- I just want to make sure they don't claim it's theirs afterward or something. Also, can I get some advice on who to contact to actually publish my book with a legit company? I don't think I want to self-publish. I want to contact legit companies. Thanks in advance.


You have to register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office. It costs about $35.00 to do it electronically, if I recall. U.S. Copyright Office
Usually that's done by your publisher, and thus, after the work is published. Technically, the work is copyright protected the moment you create it.

It is unlikely that a vanity press will publish your work. Their business model is more to earn money from writers, than it is selling published works, which is what they would have to do if they were to take the manuscript you sent them and publish it.

As far as finding a publisher, in the traditional sense, you can either find an agent to represent your work or find a publisher that accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Both routes can be a long process.

There is really too much about both of those options to cover adequately in a post. You can search the forum here at Mythic Scribes and find information.

There are also websites that have articles about finding agents/publishers, such as SFWA's Resource Page and Writer Beware. (I listed the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America links as opposed to other writer organizations as you're here, and presumably write fantasy :) )

It'll take some time to research and read, but it'll be time well spent.

Good luck moving forward.



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I recently came into contact with page publishing and was about to sign a contract with them. Please if you are still apart of this forum please give me some insight to this company. My contact is Richard Roma. He appears to be a good guy. Please advise.


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Please advise on any advise you can share about page publishing. I have been hearing bad stories. I want to believe they are a good company. It sounds like traditional publishing is the way to go. Any advise would be appreciated.

Sylvia Vahldick

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Page plus is a scam I know for a fact. I can not give to many details on a public forum without giving away who I am and creating problems for myself but I do have ties with this company and take my advice RUN the names you see are not real they are not real and have no experience in this industry and look at the address this is the same company pulling other scams. If you are seriously considering doing business with this company feel free to contact me privately and I will show you solid proof of what I am saying