PS Vita Memory Card Difficulties

Discussion in 'Games' started by TheCrystallineEntity, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Does anyone here know about PS Vitas? I think I messed something up. I got my Vita for Christmas, and got a game for it, but I didn't get a bigger memory card until later. Is it too late to get the memory card to activate or have I just wasted my money and locked myself out of getting any more games, ever?
    Or is there some way of making the Vita accept the memory card that I don't know about?

    [To clarify slightly: it doesn't seem to matter that I have the new memory card in. When I try to download a new game, it keeps saying that there's no space, and ignores the fact that there's a card in. What I mean by locked out is that since i didn't have the new card at the beginning, the system won't accept it.]
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    I cant imagine they would make a system you could not change the memory card in. I don't have one of these systems but I found this on Youtube. I suspect you will need to do something very similar to this.


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