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Random treasures


toujours gai, archie
Well this is fun. I'm re-reading Lord of the Rings. A descriptive passage caught my eye (there are many!) and, by chance sitting at my computer, I wondered what would happen when I typed it into a search.

These are from Flight to the Ford
... a sombre country of dark trees winding among the feet of sullen hills
(a bit further on, punctuation removed)
... a long valley narrow deeply cloven
(and lastly)
... trees with old and twisted roots hung over cliffs

All returned interesting images. No, this doesn't lead anywhere particularly. Just some idle browsing. Reckon it could be done with any book you please.


Myth Weaver
and here I thought you'd be discussing the pile of loot from the troll's hoard in 'The Hobbit' - including a couple of potent magical swords.