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"So a random [expletive] is posting in your thread"

This was originally written by SunLightStreak and Hellblazer on kiwifar.ms, but I thought it was interesting (and potentially useful.) I've edited it heavily for profanity, since the original would make Chuck Wendig blush. My comments are in bold.

-- -- -- --

A really lazy troll posts something off-topic or derailing:

[Offensive example post removed. It was pretty bad.]

What possible steps can we take here? There are several.

1) REPORT THE POST- this is the easiest, best thing to do. Just click the report button, enter a short reason for the report, and you're done. A mod will look at it and either delete it, move it, or decline the report and will usually send you a reason. If your report is rejected, don't let that stop you from reporting things in the future. The only time staff ever gets mad about reports is if people spam them nonsensically. I can't speak for the mods here at Mythic Scribes, but I assume your attitudes are similar.

2) USE THE RATINGS SYSTEM- This one's specific to their site, since they can rate posts as "off-topic."

3) IGNORE THE USER- If idiots don't get attention they'll usually get bored and wander off on their own soon enough. Using the Ignore function will make it so that you don't have to deal with them.

4)IGNORE THE POST AND MOVE ON- If you don't want to do anything, just shrug off the stupid post and keep reading the thread. Pretend it doesn't exist and continue reading and posting normally.

Once you have done one of these things, you're done! Don't give the poster another thought.


1)ENGAGE THE IDIOT- Once you descend to their level to argue over whatever they are whinging about, you are actively contributing to moving the thread further off topic while guaranteeing that they will stick around

2)CALL THEM OUT/INSULT THEM- This has all the downsides of engaging them along with turning the thread into mudslinging. At this point you become worse than they are.

3)WHINE ABOUT THEM NOT BEING BANNED- This isn't your call, and falls under backseat moderation. It adds nothing to the thread, is off-topic, and utterly pointless.

4)MAKE ANY POST WHATSOEVER THAT GIVES THEM ATTENTION- They're not worth the time spent typing, and I hope you have better things to do with your time.

-- -- -- --

So what do you think? I think it's a pretty comprehensive list.