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Using modern slang in Medieval fantasy.


Sorry I should have mentioned, this would be within the narration, and if it were used in dialogue it would be in an ironic and/or coincidental sort of way.

The characters would be in an alternative and highly stylized( or rather exaggerated) medieval world.

JRRT's "locomotive" example is almost exactly what I'm talking about.

Another description being "...and he fought like a tank."

Obviously tanks would not exist in this world, and it would also be a nod to "Tank" characters in modern MMORPG games.


War for the Oaks is a great book.

Emma Bull and Steven Brust did a nice collaboration called Freedom and Necessity.

I read that, too. How could I not read it? Two of my favorite authors who are still alive and on this planet wrote a novel together...! The fantasy elements are subtle, but sometimes that's a nice change of pace. And (to keep this post at least partly on-topic) the language used is appropriate for the period in which the story is set.


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Weaver, you are one of the few people I've met who has read that. Brust and Bull are also two of my favorites.