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What Are You Playing Now?

I've been playing Halo 2 Anniversary with my son. I'm loving the wonderfully animated cut scenes, the soundtrack and Michael Wincott's fantastic voice for the Prophet of Truth. It brings back memories - Halo 2 was one of the first games I played on Xbox. :)

X Equestris

Right now I'm back and forth between a fair number of things. I'm working on another playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition. And I'm playing some of Skyrim's major questlines and the dlc, but progress is a little slow, as I turned off auto save to save space on my PS3, and that ends up biting me on occasion. Every now and then I play War Thunder on the PS4, mostly on the ground forces part. Finally, I have a second playthrough of Bioshock Infinite that I have yet to finish. It sort got forgotten a while ago.


My shoulder's damaged at the moment, so I can't really play any mouse games, and I should take it easy with the typing. I've got some gamepad based games on the PC though, and most recently I played Ori and the Blind Forest. It was pretty fun all the way until my save broke shortly before the last boss encounter.

The game is pretty, with a vast world to explore, and the controls are fairly tight. If you're into platformers and Legend of Zelda, I'd suggest checking it out.

I've heard of that one, and would like to play it one of these days. One of the things I look for in a game is a distinctive aesthetic that makes it stand out from others in its genre. The artwork in Ori is beautiful, and has an almost whimsical touch--definitely a game that would catch my eye.

Hey, hope your shoulder heals up soon!
I finally picked up Devil Survivor. It feels like a very different POV on the usual Shin Megami Tensei story--instead of "You're a teenager. You can summon demons. Reshape the world as you desire," it's more "You're a teenager. You can summon demons, and you're surrounded by other people who can do the same. You're freaking terrified. Try to survive." I've been told SMT started out with a horror feel, but this is the first one I've played that really felt horrifying. (And ironically, it's also the first one where I felt like I could play as a decent person, disregarding ideologies and just trying to save as many lives as possible.)


Super Princess Peach, since I found a used copy in a game store near where I just moved in.

The Witcher & The Witcher 2, since the third game is coming out pretty soon and I want to have a fresh save file and remind myself of a few of the characters and plot points of the games.

Earthbound, since I got a Wii-U and I figured the first thing I should do with my shiny new console is buy a ROM of a 20 year old game. I do this primarily in hopes that every sale encourages Nintendo to consider a Mother 3 port.

Wind Waker HD, the second thing I did after getting a Wii-U was pick up another game I already owned and is over 10 years old. But it looks so gorgeous in HD, so I honestly don't care.
I got that same feeling from the series, Feo. Shin Megami Tensei itself has always retained the horror theme (which makes me wish SMT IV was on more than 3DS), while the rest of the series tends to be on the lighter side. Devil Survivor is about the only other one that adopted trends in anime now, but retained the horror. It does a great job with the feeling of urgency in the story and the struggle a group of young people (even a few older like Yuzuru Akie and Ronaldo Kuriki.) I could never take Keita seriously as a boxer >_>


I've spent probably far too much not enough time playing Bloodborne recently, and I think it's fantastic. Being a 'Souls' game (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2) in all but name, it uses very similar mechanics, but with a lot of key differences that end up creating a tense, fast-paced action experience.

What threw me a bit (in a good way) was the story (no major spoilers, don't worry). You start out thinking it's going to be a gothic horror-esque adventure, and for the first third of the game or so it is, but you find yourself picking up hints that there's something bigger going on. Then you find yourself face to face with a literal cosmic tentacle monster and suddenly the game turns into something out of a Lovecraft story. Of course, it being a Souls game, the story itself is very ambiguous and hidden, but I'm starting to figure it out, and it is pretty damn neat.

Anyways, definitely a must-own if you have a PS4.
There is an m&b LOTR mod. It's called Blood in the West. It's really good and is pretty in-depth. I mean, you can ride Mumakil. What's not to like?


Bought Skylanders for my son for his birthday (he's 6). Kinda fun to play it with him. It's okay, for what it is.
I'm replaying DA:O as a human noble to get the ending I want
Alistair Romance end where you get to be queen
for a different universe in DA:I. I want to play as a Qunari in my second playthrough of DA:I. Also I'm working on Assassin's Creed 4 as well as Rogue and a game called Enchanted Arms.


Playing skyrim, fifa and heroes of the storm a bit. When I get a game capture im gonna make a lets play series on skyrim and oblivion. Of course with a bit of rp on top to make it interesting. TES games are just epic and I just cant get enough of them... ever probably.

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I'm replaying Tomb Raider and Alien Isolation on PS4. Climbing and kick-assery in one ... hiding and heart-pounding in the other.


Finishing up Dragon Age: Inquisition right now. I want to do some replays of it after, especially if they put out more DLC. But I have a LONG list of games in my back catalog so once I'm done with the Jaws of Hakkon expansion I'll switch to one of those. It's a crime that I haven't finished the Mass Effect sequels or any of the Bioshocks yet. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I also want to catch up on the Assassin's Creed series (currently on Revelations), play Dishonored, the Witcher games, Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, Infamous: Second Son, plus a lot of smaller titles. And Arkham Knight comes out soon... Basically I'm gonna be buried under a mountain of great games for the next few months. And with more great games coming out later this year it's only gonna get worse. :D


Been on a GTA4 kick lately, trying to beat it... Those damned helicoptor missions pissed me off the last time.

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I just finished Shadow of the Colossus. Very fun game. Pretty short and hoped it would be harder to figure stuff out (whenever I was stuck a little it was on stupid stuff like I was thinking too much into it and doing stuff which was more complicated than was needed.
Example - The sand worm thing one which follows you on your horse I was stuck on because I kept trying to shoot its mouth when it opened which it only did right as it was diving at you. Turns out you had to shoot it's eyes. I tried the mouth because the mouth seemed to be lighting up and I'd tried shooting a previous Colossi's eye and it did nothing and the eyes on both these Colossi were exactly the same! Shooting the mouth at the right time was extremely hard to do. I tried on the off chance just shooting it as it was following me, got it's eye and it worked. That was annoying lol.
but still a great game.

I'll begin Final Fantasy X soon. IX is the latest one I've played which I liked (in fact I absolutely love it) so I'm hoping X will still be good.


I have been on a Grand Theft Auto 4 kick lately. I would play 5, but it is still too damned expensive in stores; even though it was released months ago. The price has not dropped at all.

I really like some of the odd things that happen in the game.

I recall last week getting chased by police after I'd assassinated one with the sniper rifle. I escaped everything but the choppers and was running along the beach, almost dead. I pulled out my rpg and shot the choppers down. I turned to run, and one if them crashed down right on top of me!!! Karma at work I suppose.

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Always playing Skyrim, that game just never ends. Pottering my way through Tomb Raider anniversary but after the latest TR my standards have gone up I think.
Recently bought Assassin's Creed 2 as it was all I could afford and it was rated no1 AC game in a load of videos.... and I want to see what the whole assassin's creed thing is about. Also I want to try AC China sometime along with the latest Dragon Age.


Went out a couple days ago and found GTA5 with a 30% discount... Snapped it up. I have to say my plane flying skills need work... [emoji13]

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