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What do you listen to?

I'm currently binging Led Zeppelin, while normally I listen to IV and pick my way through other albums. Then, I had the staggering revelation that I'd somehow never listened to all of the album Presence... Shocked, shocked I was.


toujours gai, archie
Listening to Kraftwelt. Not, mind you, Kraftwerk. I still regard it as an unfortunate choice for a band name, but I like Kraftwelt much better, especially the album Electric Dimension.

They both do electronic music, but Kraftwerk scrapes my nerves where Kraftwelt soothes them.


Music by a lady named Jasinka. Working on a game soundtrack. She's done most of it by herself. This one's currently carrying me through the autumn:




Gunship released their new album not long ago. I have been listening to it quite a bit. Tim Cappello plays sax in this one as well.
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Usually, metal, power metal etc.
But when I write, I like to listen to medieval music, orchestral epic music, and those are usually 2 hours compilation.