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What music do you listen to when you write?


toujours gai, archie
The reggae flavor is nice. I'm not a fan of the genre in situ, but it sits nicely into a chill mix.

It's sort of crazy how that music reaches my ears. Someone made recordings, scattered all over the globe, really. Maybe it's on CD; most likely the cuts are floating in one cloud or another. Some guy in Ireland grabs these and mixes them, which entails wi-fi and satellites and specialty software, not to mention a well-tuned music sensibility to make the blend. That new concoction, like a new sort of cocktail, is put up on the bar (this one's called MixCloud). More satellites, cables, wi-fi, and finally a wire that comes out of my laptop into my ears.

We're a long way from Brother Marconi, ain't we?

And even more fun--I'm listening to this while reading about Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Specifically, G.G Coulton's flawed but highly readable biography, which I get as a PDF off of the Internet Archive, where it lives because it got scanned by some project or other (anyone remember the Gutenberg Project?). Sometimes I feel like I'm living inside the Great Library at Alexandria. With music.


Article Team
...and yet, we're writing words, for people to read. :)

But yes, it's fascinating when you think of it. It's all just there, but there's so much that goes into actually getting it there.