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What music do you listen to when you write?


If you're writing, post what you're listening to right now!

I'm listening to Katy Perry -- Teenage Dream. I've also got a little Kelly Clarkson ready to go. Maybe a little Nicki Minaj too.

What are you gals and guys listening to?


I'm listening to "I'm Taking the Wheel" by SheDaisy. I've always, most of the time, got music in the background while I write. Or a favorite show or movie, background noise helps my process.


I listen to the same things I always listen to, but with the Broadway soundtracks ticked off. I need a bit of noise to concentrate, but if Les Miserables comes on, I am strongly compelled to burst into song, which is counter-productive.


I think more clearly without music but when I do include it into my writing sessions its mostly kirtan or ambient. If a particular style of music matches what I'm writing, then I'll listen to that if its inspiring. :)


Hero Breaker
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I mainly listen to either SID, TMRevolution, or Jun Fukuyama. Also, I listen to the songs (sometimes on repeat)-
SID-"Monochrome no Kiss", "Uso".
Grell Sutcliff- "Shinkou".
Sebastian Michaelis- "You Will Rule the World".
TMRevolution- "Utage", "Resonance", "Naked Arms", "Flags", "Uruwashiki Sekai", and "Invoke".

Yes; I am a Japanese maniac.

I also listen to Black Sabbath, Journey, Koji Kondo, Europe, Chemistry, Tarkan, Kazım Koyuncu, and Benny Goodman.

I hope this helps.


When a story idea comes to me, I start compiling a soundtrack of songs that resonated with the mood of certain scenes. Then, when I'm writing that scene, I'll play the songs over and over to help me capture the moods I want to convey.

Specifically, I listen to movie soundtracks. Other than that, any song in any genre that fits my need.
For my Nanowrimo WIP, I had some Florence and the Machine, David Guetta, Rascal Flatts, the Killers, along with the Lion King Soundtrack, and some Mozart.


Myth Weaver
I also listen to ... Benny Goodman.
You are obviously a person of taste and discernment! I listen to BG a lot [esp Carnegie Hall concert]. But when I write I try to find something that will match the mood/time I'm going for. Right now I've got a comp mix of garage-punk I hunted down from the Garage Punk Hideout... I'm looking for that manic end-of-the-world surf style...


I usually just write with no music, but from time to time I do have music on.
I find that if I'm writing a sad part/a waterfall/ a part with heavy rain then I have rain sounds on in the background on youtube.
Otherwise it's usually classical, sometimes jazz and some medieval/fantasy sounding songs.

A song by Iron Maiden has once triggered off thoughts of a story though, and now I have all the notes written down and ready to write after I finish my wip.

Jeff Xilon

I like music when I write, but I can't write to music with lyrics so last year I started exploring jazz and have built up a good collection so far. My favorite is probably anything involving Art Blakey. Though I also really love Ornette Coleman, Jackie McLean and Clifford Brown right now (many more too). This year I've decided to expand my non-lyric music into the world of electronic music and have come to enjoy the most recent Moby, HTRK (which has vocals that don't bother me) and VCMG albums, as well as internet electronic music radio stations (mostly through di.fm)


When I'm writing a main draft I need silence...but for the outline, I listen to my five year olds' "Brave" soundtrack...I sh*t you not.


Depends on my mood.

Neurosis, Isis, Mastodon, Pelican, and a lot of instrumental and soundtracks (Andres Segovia, Game of Thrones, Nightmare Before Christmas, LOTR, Beethoven...)


Felis amatus
I've seen Mastodon and Pelican perform. Both put on very good shows.

When I'm writing, I prefer instrumental music. Anything from big band, to industrial, to metal.


Myth Weaver
Anything that suits the story or characters. Can be anything from Kate Rusby and Heather Dale to Nox Arcana, Within Temptation or Evanescence. Florence + The Machine is also awesome, and for instrumental pieces you really can't beat Adrian von Ziegler or David Arkenstone.


For any battle scenes or epic scenes I choose something like Two Steps From Hell, because they just fit absolutely perfectly with fast, cluttered conflicts and I find can help capture the heart-racing… anxiety(?)… of a real battle. Usually Titan Dune, Sons of War, Protectors of Earth, or Starfall.
Often when I listen to other music I get a certain poignancy that permeates me. Like when I listen to How To Save a Life by The Fray it helps me get into a character's horrible situation and root out that tragic strife.


My music goes all over the place; country, classic, rock, folk. But I choose songs for writing not by their lyrics or performer but by the beat. There was an article that said if you exercise with fast song playing it will make your heart speed up. My songs kind of act the same way for my imagination.
Some examples of my songs are:
Hero by Heather Dale
Touch the Sky -Brave
Learn me Right - Brave
I'm Taking the Wheel -SheDaisy
I Need a Hero
Thank you fa lettin' me be myself
Black Bitty
Dance Magic -David Bowie
Driving me Crazy