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What music do you listen to when you write?


Being ADD, I don't listen to music unless it's more instrumental. The words from songs get in my way and I end up focusing more on them than on my own writing.


Most of the time I need background noise, whether it's music, movie or Tv. Ironically I can't write if the noise is sleep over chaos or general kid chaos.


@ArthurWalterson, same. I also listen to other movie soundtracks and some ambient indie music. Depends on the scene I'm writing.


LOVE soundtracks!

The best music for me is either instrumental or a music where the music and the lyrics are in harmony.


Mostly Celtic/folk from a local artist called Penny Whiskey. It gets me in the mood because I write stuff with a strong Celtic influence. I also like Gaelic Storm, The Chieftains, Gentlemen of the Road, and other Celtic bands. I also listen to Christian hip hop like TobyMac when I'm writing urban fantasy.

Like Ophiucha, I can't listen to Les Mis because no one likes it when I belt out its songs at the top of my lungs, but I listen to it when I'm alone. Les Mis is the best. :)
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If you're writing, post what you're listening to right now!

I'm listening to Katy Perry -- Teenage Dream. I've also got a little Kelly Clarkson ready to go. Maybe a little Nicki Minaj too.

What are you gals and guys listening to?

I listen to these artists too! Most recently I've been listening to Now! That's what I Call Music! 101 album and a few new songs by Ariana Grande and Little Mix. :)


All forms of metal and hard rock, ranging from late 1960's (lots of proto-metal, psychedelic) to the present. I find bands like Opeth and Dimmu Borgir can set a decent dark fantasy mood, while some power metal bands (Blind Guardian, whom dedicated an entire album to Lord of the Rings, by the way) can set the mood for heroic actions and large scale warfare.

The grunting/screaming element of modern metal is an acquired taste, though. Luckily I find it easy to tune out to while I focus on what I am writing, because it is often incomprehensible. It's when the odd beautiful melodic voice floats in out of nowhere that you stop and forget what you're doing.


For me it is J-pop or anime opening music. I can understand Japanese but i have to really consentrate on it. I have found that if I use English speaking music then I find it really distracting to have in the background.
I usually listen to the Lord of the Rings movie soundtracks, I find them very inspirational. I used to listen to the Black Piper as well but for some reason it got discontinued.


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... and just rolled over nicely into Lost in Dreamland. Down in the groove, even when all the grooves are just electrons in the wind.
Nice, that one was meant to be soundtrack for Lost Dogs #4, but it didn't really happen like that - it's a bit more varied as far as styles go.