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What do you listen to?

I'll listen to anything if it grabs me. I have genre preferences of course, but I've encountered nothing so far that gets me to be a flat out no lol
Led Zeppelin is real good, I like a good chunk of their stuff!

My big favorites are Everything Everything and White Lies, neither of them are particularly associated with projects but both respective discographies just scratch a certain itch in my brain that I haven't found from any other bands. Unfortunately when it comes to music being associated with a project I am incredibly picky, but in the same vein it gives me the chance to listen to the unholy mass that is my Spotify Likes without a care whenever I work on stuff :]

Some personal faves recently though in no particular order:
Ragworm - White Lies
Simple Things (The Ocean Song) - Ziggy Alberts
Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul - The Glitch Mob
The Fall - Hexsystem
Kontrollverlust - Eisbrecher
Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread - Everything Everything
Heart of a Dancer - The Happy Fits
Monster (Original Mix) - Jon Electra


I like the one about Valhalla and Mordor. When I was a wee little cub, the neighbor boy played that every sunday morning. That and Boston - Long time


Myth Weaver
The battle of evermore is that song. Its on led zeppelin 4 album. Same one as stairway. Incidentally, Zep 4 and John Lennons imagine both came out in the same year and both were beat for album of the year by Carole king’s tapestry. Just saying, i dont think Mrs King delivered like those two did (though secretly, i never liked the beatles). Zep 4 is one hit after another. Ends up in a lot of movies. My fav from that is when the levy breaks. I can play that one too.

Battle of evermore live with two of them. I love how nervous the female singer looks. Like dont screw up. The woman who originally sang it with them was the only guest singer to appear on one of their albums and died a few months after it was recorded. Pity.

I also love how happy robert and jimmy look. But why no JPJ? Should have invited him.
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The Immigrant Song talks about Valhalla and Norse mythology, I always thought it was about the Viking invasion on the British Isles. They sing about Mordor and Golem in Ramble On, where they meet a girl so fair.

The entire album of Physical Graffiti is amazing, especially The Rover which just builds and builds.

BJ Swabb

OH my I listen to pretty much anything. Just depends on my mood. In the car I listen to a radio channel that is all 80s and 90s. If I am writing though I go for more of storyline music such as movie soundtracks, disney, broadway, and opera. It helps me get in the mood and get my mind focus on my world of fantasy.