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What is your opinion about "magic words"?


But then ya see, I am a realist, and scary stories haveta seem real.
Like killer roboskeletons, armored in titanium, with 1000 HP Diesel engines and a man working them.
Kinda makes ya think, donut?
With tanks for diesel and water to keep the pilot alive.


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Well, that should get you over the five post limit.

I am not sure that has a lot to do with the topic of Magic Words. It does make me think, but maybe in another thread about technology.


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I quite liked how the game Skyrim handled magic words. Most magic in the game didn't require words, only skill (which is also something that I like to see in books - magic that relies on the caster's innate ability along with imagination and mental focus). However, the Dragonborn had the power to use the language of dragons. I suppose this counts as an "arcane language", as has been mentioned. But in this case, it's a language that dragons may use freely while, when used by a human or other race, turns into a powerful spell. It also comes with a cost, as some who train to use these words of power may lose the ability to speak normally without causing devastation and putting people in danger.