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Wheel of Time Series

Discussion in 'Novels & Stories' started by Aqua Buddha, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. @tecdavid: It picks up again around book 11... somewhat. 8, 9, 10, and 11 are all pretty slow. Lots of side plots. Seems like Mat's with that caravan for about a billion years.

    Then, in books 12 and 13, a whole hell of a lot happens. :)
  2. Of course if you killed off dress descriptions, and a few other details he would toss in just because, you could have cut down quite a bit. But overall, while it is a bit slow, I'm on book 10, and am looking forward to see how much I notice a difference between Jordon and Sanderson's writing when I get to twelve.
  3. Honestly, I noticed no difference in the writing style. What I did notice about book 12 is that the pace picks up considerably.
  4. tecdavid

    tecdavid Acolyte

    Good to hear, Benjamin. I'm loving the story, but I was worried things were eventually going to grind to a complete halt. :)
    And I have to agree with Lord Darkstorm; the amount of description he gives the ladies' dresses gets pretty ridiculous, at times.
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  5. Larion

    Larion Guest

    I've actually got a question about this series. I've read the first 3 books and started the 4th, but they are simply not living up the expectations I had for them. I read stuff about them like "next Tolkien" and stuff, but... I'm not really feeling it. My question is this: Does the series pick up? If so, when?

    Also, all the girl characters act exactly the same... Kinda bugs me.
  6. Kaellpae

    Kaellpae Inkling

    It's been about 2 years since I've read the series for the first and only time. I don't really remember exact events for each book, but I believe it picks up for 4 and 5. Then slows down for 6-8, then 9-13 are slowly building up to the end. I liked the series for how immersive and immense the world was. I liked Mat and Rand and their story arcs.

    I agree with you about the women. About the only ones that seem to break a common mold to me are Moiraine and Aviendha.

    If you can get into the world and make it through the more boring parts then.. Congrats?
  7. myrddin173

    myrddin173 Maester

    I can't speak about the pacing of the books, it just doesn't register for me so they all seem to go the same pace even though they don't. I can say I greatly enjoy the books and highly recommend finishing the series.

    As for the all women being the same, many people thought he was just writing his wife Harriet in for all of the parts. Therefore at a signing a fan asked which character was post like Harriet. His reply, Bela. (For those of you who don't know/remember Bela is a horse)
  8. The first four or five books are generally considered the best in the series, so if you aren't enjoying it by the end of the 4th book, I wouldn't bother continuing.
  9. Larion

    Larion Guest

    I wouldn't say I wasn't enjoying it, cause I've read much more boring stuff than this, but I was hoping for pick up in the pacing. I guess I'll finish the fourth and go from there :)
  10. Mike Carmel

    Mike Carmel Acolyte

    I could not even listen to the whole series, I think I gave up around book 7 or 8.
  11. karriezai

    karriezai Scribe

    I haven't read the Wheel of Time books myself, and from what I'd heard of it I didn't really want to. Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author, though, so when I heard he'd picked them up, I figured I'd end up reading the series one day.
  12. Book 12 was similar in style, and Sanderson keeps very true to the characters in my opinion....but the pace starts to move, the tension rises, and it was over before I expected it to be (listening to it in audio format).

    Sanderson is a great writer, and for book 12, I have to say he is doing great. Just started book 13, and I am not real concerned he will mess it up. :)
  13. chrisw

    chrisw Acolyte

    I never could get into Robert Jordan. His prose is simply too descriptive for me.
  14. Mike Carmel

    Mike Carmel Acolyte

    I agree with chrisw - I find that what is described in a page could have been described in a paragraph. Terry Goodkind went through a stage like that in a couple of his Sword of Truth novels, but luckily he heard the cries of pain from his readers and seemed to find a compromise.
  15. Kelise

    Kelise Maester

    I'm another who wants to read this series because of Brandon Sanderson. I hear from some to start with 'New Spring' and others to start with 'The Eye of the World' - what would everyone here suggest?
  16. Mindfire

    Mindfire Istar

    Maybe after the last book is published we'll get an abridged version? I've never read the WOT. Mostly because of what I've heard people say about the slow pace, drawn out language, heavy-handed exposition- it's the polar opposite of my style of writing and the opposite of what I like to read.
  17. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    I'd start with Eye of the World, I guess. New Spring is interesting, and better than some of Jordan's other offerings at that point in the series, but I think it is more effective when you already have an understanding of the character it deals with because of the original series.
  18. Ankari

    Ankari Hero Breaker Moderator

    Books 1 - 4 were great. Books 5 - 8 could have been condensed into 2 books. Books 9 and 10 got better. I think Sanderson picked up the tale in book 11. He didn't do a good job with 11, as he had a hard time capturing the voice of many characters, especially Mattrim. He did a great job in book 12.

    The problem I find with the Wheel of Time series is the overall number of books. I've never read it to verify my suspicions, but I think Robert Jordan had it in his mind to write 13 books to equal the total number of Forsaken. This is a gimmick. He should have focused more on the story telling rather than the gimmick. Maybe 7 or 8 books tops.
  19. Read books 1-6 (the Battle of Dumai's Wells is worth the slog). Then go read detailed plot summaries of books 7-11. Then read books 12 and 13 (and, when it comes out, 14). :)
  20. edd

    edd Scribe

    i have read a lot of the wheel of times series but that was a while ago i find them unmemorable i'm sorry to say.

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