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Which movies do you want to see?

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by Seth son of Tom, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Seth son of Tom

    Seth son of Tom Minstrel

    Maybe this question has already been asked before. But I'm curious.

    What books/book series would you like to see made into either a movie or TV show? Feel free to include more than one or even several if you can think of that many. Obviously, we're focusing on fantasy here but, if you feel strongly about a different type of action book/series (e.g. sci-fi) feel free to include it.

    Three rules:

    Please include the name of the book/series and the author's name.

    Please include what the rating of said movie/TV show would probably be. If you're not sure, you can include a range (e.g. PG-PG-13 or PG-13-R).

    If you're going to include a spoiler please preface it with a spoiler alert warning.

    I guess I'll start:

    I'd love to see a really good "wheel of time" TV show.

    Author: Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson

    Rating: probably PG-13

    This might sound controversial, but I would also like to see a properly done movie series of the Eregon books.

    Author: Christopher Paolini

    Rating: PG-PG-13
  2. The Alloy of Law Brandon Sanderson PG-13.

    Rainbow Six Tom Clancy PG-13 or R

    Promise of Blood Brian McClellan PG-13 or R
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  3. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    For non-fantasy any/all the Tony Hillerman Navajo police stories and they could all be PG or lower. I know a few have been done already but so badly/cheaply...
    For a fantasy I'd like to to see Legend by David Gemell as a film. I wouldn't want it to be 300 style violence so almost any certificate could reached with the right director.
    Oh... and Night Watch by Terry Pratchett but done straight, playing down the gags. that could be a terrifying film. I think it would have to be an adult certificate to get the full drama. You would also need someone like Bob Peck to play "Sam Vimes/John Keel".
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  4. Stephyn Blackwood

    Stephyn Blackwood Minstrel

    Series: Star Wars: Republic Commando
    Author: Karen Traviss
    Rating: Hmm... 15 (R)

    And of course,

    Every Joe Abercrombie book, but especially The Heroes, as it could be done in a very 300 style. Hell, The Heroes could even be done in a 5 part special for BBC or Sky. I think it'd be brilliant. Obviously rated 18 (Mature)
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  5. I want Eragon redone properly with a PG-13 rating

    The Silmarillion would be a good TV show

    Patrick Rothfuss' The Kingkiller Chronicle TV series
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  6. Tom

    Tom Istar

    I want Black Widow to get her own movie, dammit!

    The last few installments for the Chronicles of Narnia would be nice, too.
  7. Incanus

    Incanus Auror

    I'd love to see Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. Work has been done on it, but no studio will give it the go-ahead because--no love interest, not a happy ending. Of course, doing either of those things would utterly ruin the movie. So I guess I want the non-Hollywood version.
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  8. NerdyCavegirl

    NerdyCavegirl Sage

    Definitely the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, also a remake of Firestarter and Firestarter 2 with consistent actors and flashbacks, a Disney movie about the goddess Pele. Also Star Dragon-- Mike Brotherton, Rebel Moon-- Bruve Bethke and Vox Day, Matador series-- Steve Perry, The First North Americans-- W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear, Stowaway-- Karen Hesse, Journey Outside-- Mary Q Steele, Julie Of The Wolves and its sequels--Jean Craighead George, a remake of Island Of The Blue Dolphins-- Scott O'Dell, Dogsong-- Gary Paulsen, and everything by Joan D. Vinge.
  9. Pandadug

    Pandadug Acolyte

    I would like to see films based on hp lovecraft. Specifically "The dreamquest of unknown kadath and At the mountains of madness. The shunned house would also be nice. There have been films of his writing before, but they tend to stray too far from the original.
  10. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Have a look at the HPLCHS [HP Lovecraft Historical Society].
    They have made several [okay at least one] film-of-the-book films...
    They are cheaply but inventively made...
  11. Addison

    Addison Auror

    My sister keeps wishing for "Bliss" by Kathryn Littlewood to be made into a movie. That would be a G, PG rating.

    My brother loves everything Diana Wynne Jones so any of her work turned into a movie or TV show he'd love. Which I totally agree with.

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