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Who publishes fantasy parody?

Dwarven Gold

I'm finishing a fantasy parody. Thinks Spaceballs, but with wizards, swords, and heroic dwarves. A few elves die gruesome deaths in comical ways.

Is there a market for something like this? Or does no one publish fantasy parody?


I'm pretty sure there's a market for anything if you look hard enough, and I know I've seen a couple of fantasy parody novels in bookstores before.

My advice would be to look for that sort of book in the bookstore yourself, and make a note of all the publishers who have a hand in them. Off the top of my head, Orbit publishes Tom Holt, who's stuff is sort of close to parody.

I doubt it's any publisher's focus however, so it may be slightly more difficult to get published than the general fantasy fare.


It's still considered Fantasy. You may be parodying popular tropes of the genre, but for all intents and purposes you are still within the genre.

Dwarven Gold

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look up Orbit, and also browse around the bookstore.

If that doesn't work out, I'll grab a few ales and get piss drunk. Hell, I'm going to do that either way. ;)
Pocket Books published Peter David's Sir Apropos of Nothing series, which is walking a pretty fine line between anti-heroism and parody. It certainly contains parody within the text, but the entire story doesn't fall into that category.