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Writing Tips from Tolkien

I generally don't like writing tips because they tend to be just lists of dos and don'ts. These were actually some genuinely interesting points, though. I'm not sure I've even heard about the trick of particularity before, but it sounds like something that might come in handy.


The author of those tips clearly holds Tolkien in very high regard — yes, spoiler alert, these aren't tips 'from' Tolkien, but an extreme admirer.

Nonetheless, these are actually fantastic tips. I don't often search for tips as much as I used to because I realized early on they didn't help me (most writers will forget advice and write how they want to). But one piece of this advice I actually wrote down and plan on trying to not forget it.

It was #4. Read the story out loud to yourself. I've never actually considered this, and it really does sound like a good idea. I think I'll definately be doing that.

On the other hand, one piece I didn't like was #5. "Take your time". This seems so arbituary to me, as it makes one feel as if they need to slow down now and come to a halt to produce something "as great as Tolkien".

Some of this is noteworthy advice and I implore people to read it.