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Your longest serving character?

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Roc, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. PlotHolio

    PlotHolio Sage

    I tend to create a bunch of first names, last names, and character archetypes. I mix and match them accordingly.
  2. Bman10119

    Bman10119 Dreamer

    My longest running character is Johnathan Frostblade, who was the prince of a small human kingdom in his own story, before enlisting into an organization dedicated to maintaining peace throughout the kingdom, and his story explored a group of countries that opened a portal to hell and released demons upon the land. This was eight or nine years ago when I was in middle school. Since then everytime I write any form of story in a fantasy setting I somehow have him cameo into the story. My first (and so far only) completed story had him acting as a mentor and trainer for a small group of heroes that go up against an invincible undead warlord serving a madman bent on destroying the world in the name of one of the gods. I have yet to decide how I want to portray him in my current WIP, but he will make some form of appearance. I really loved the invincible undead warlords character too. His name escapes me because its been a while since I've touched that story but I loved the hero cursed to serve whoever holds the relic he's bound to for eternity in misery without the woman he loves. But other than that I don't recycle characters usually. At least I try not to. Sometimes I guess it could slip into my writting.
  3. Nihilium 7th

    Nihilium 7th Sage

    My longest running character is Enki Brennhelm, a type of sprite called a Seelie. He was created in a series of short stories I made as a friend and adviser to the main character both of whom are important characters in my current (and first) novel. Enki serves as the teacher and mentor of Azrelan (son of the main character from my short stories). He is very old by mortal standards but because of his Seelie blood he has the appearance of someone in their early thirties and the energy of someone in their mid-twenties. He loves poetry and uses it whenever he can, which makes his companions uneasy since he is famous for killing an army of giants by reciting a haiku. He has many friends in many places and twice as many enemies.
  4. glutton

    glutton Inkling

    Rose the Iron Flower, who I've written multiple novels and over a dozen short stories about, and written stories about her from age 8-40. She's a 6' 240-250 pound scar-covered woman who is arguably the greatest warrior in her world. She is as strong as the strongest man on her continent, wields a 30 pound (yes I do know how ridiculous that is), super thick and wide sword with an alchemically treated lead core and wears armor heavier than a normal woman, killed over 100 men singlehandedly at age 15 and slew a 100 ton ancient dragon at 17. Over the course of her life she kills tens of thousands, but feels guilty about the men she slaughters because she knows most soldiers aren't actually 'evil'. Still she does it though to defend her country and innocent people. She also can shrug off massive injuries and does things like rip the leg off a god's monstrous champion. I think of her as basically a she-Beowulf with more modern sensibilities.
  5. Geek000

    Geek000 Acolyte

    D&D anyone?
  6. Geek000

    Geek000 Acolyte

    D&D anyone?
  7. Vaporo

    Vaporo Sage

    Couldn't resist.
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  8. My longest running character would be Tyriem No'mahr...The planets first savior...he lives a sad unforgiving existence.

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  9. Would have to be the MC of my big project that's on hold, except she's evolved so much i don't even know that she's the same character...Since 2012, maybe? I've not been around as long as y'all have.

    Next to her, probably her tiny asshole dragon that rides on her shoulder and sets fire to everything that displeases him. :p
  10. Reaver

    Reaver Kwisatz Haderach Moderator

    LOL! Thanks for this Vaporo! It made my day.
  11. Insolent Lad

    Insolent Lad Inkling

    My longest running character is...me, in that there is a bit of me in every story I write.

    The longest running in my head, that is, the one conceived furthest back but not written about until later, would have to be Michael Malvern, castaway in an 'alternate' South Seas, in my Malvern and Mora books. He didn't have that name way back when I first thought of him but it was pretty much the same guy. Artist and former boxer, seeking to lose himself in an unspoiled paradise, a la Gauguin, but, well, finding himself instead.
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  12. Vaporo

    Vaporo Sage

    Since people seem to be responding, I suppose I'll join in as well.

    My longest running character is, Ekla, queen of Antisa. It would have been my former main character, Agder, but lately it's been looking more and more like I've accidentally written him out of my story in favor of a different main character. So, this surprises me a bit because Ekla was not originally meant to have a very large role. She's a totally different character than I originally imagined, going from a soft-spoken diplomat to a lazy, incompetent, off-with-their-heads queen.
  13. Simpson17866

    Simpson17866 Minstrel

    A few years ago, I came up with a few of D&D characters for no real reason: I had a Dire Werewolf Human Paladin named Rilaina, a Half-Orc Ranger-Paladin named Krailik, and a Human Vampire Wizard who called herself "Nemesis." They lived in a modern-esque world, but one that functioned according to standard D&D rules instead of "D&D modern," just with a few stylistic differences.

    I later came up with an original, publishable Urban Fantasy world, which I did not initially like as much as my previous D&D fantasy world but which I came to love so much more. Nemesis was the first character that migrated into my original world a little over a year ago, and a few months ago I also came up with a book about Krailik and Rilaina.
  14. Tom

    Tom Istar

    Decided to jump on the bandwagon! My oldest character who is still in use is Tomrin. I first created him 7 years ago, and his original version bears almost no resemblance to what he's like now. He started out a classic Farmboy Hero, but gradually evolved into a more nuanced, emotionally complex character who has a lot of anti-hero elements in his arc. However, despite the many alterations he's gone through (some good, some bad, and a few downright ridiculous), he's always kept his core attributes--optimism, sense of duty, and bravery bordering on recklessness.
  15. My longest serving character has existed for...maybe even ten years, I'm not sure. Funnily enough, this character has only recently gained a name! Though they've looked mostly the same all these years later: a mysterious looking being, sharp eyes like a cat's, a blue scarf covering their face, wearing a long, flowing cloak, and while their giant claw for a left hand hasn't always existed, it does now: a cosmic wizard.
  16. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    This is hard to answer, cause I am never really sure if I am done writing any of them. The first one I used in a story was an antihero. That would be going back many years, more then a decade or two perhaps. The one I use most frequently is not my first story character, but is one that has been in my head for even longer. I only kind of resurrected them when I started writing. So we'll say maybe 20+ years on that one.
  17. SaltyDog

    SaltyDog Sage

    My longest running character is a tough old general named Tal. He's human, and is a very good leader, albeit a quirky one as well. He's actually a pretty interesting character though...and a critical part of my plot. I've only been using him for about a year and a half.
  18. Antaus

    Antaus Minstrel

    The single oldest character I have is Simon Michael Tanaka. I created him when my age was still in the single digits (currently 37) and I was drawing stick figures. At first his name was just Simon, and he battled other stick figures with stick swords. Many characters have come and gone over the years, but he's still there. As I got older and matured, so did my stories. Now the stick figure has become the President/CEO of the multi-national corporation known as Tanaka Industries and one of the richest men on my fictional Earth. He has a wife and five children, two of which are mutants, as the story setting is a modern day mutant saga.
  19. Lisselle

    Lisselle Minstrel

    I created the two main characters in my Trilogy in 1988, when I wrote the first draft of a few chapters and outlined a World which would become the place I prefer to exist in now! (Just kidding- sort of.) I was in my late teens and when I wasn't reading I was writing or teaching myself Tolkien's Elvish.
  20. ArbridanianQueen

    ArbridanianQueen New Member

    My oldest character is Prince Farrian (formerly Prince Frederick). He's been with me since I first had the idea for my main world oh...10+ years ago. He's changed a lot since my 15-16 y/o brain first came up with him, but he's still a fairly optimistic young man with a heart of gold.
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