The Iron Pen Anthology is Now Available!

We’re excited to announce the publication of the Iron Pen Anthology: Volume 1. This is a collection of stories written by members of Mythic Scribes.  Each of these stories was written for one of our Iron Pen contests, which challenge writers to come up with fantasy stories based on four prompts. This anthology features eight … Read more

Navigating the Self-Publishing Fandango

This article is by Cate Morgan. There’s no doubt about it: there is a lot of noise out there in the crowded, Dread Interwebz when it comes to what I refer to as the Self-Publishing Fandango. It’s like a tango in the respect that it sounds sexy at the outset, and certainly looks sexy when … Read more

The Great Free Book Debate: The Readers

This is the first in a two-part series by Alexandra Butcher. Part two is here. Indie authors are given an almost overwhelming amount of advice about promoting and marketing their book, a great deal of which is contradictory. It has to be said there is NO single path to take which works for every author. … Read more

How to Market Your Self-Published Book

The reality of marketing a self-published book and finding your audience presents a challenge somewhere in-between the faint dream of online success, and the sense of screaming unheard into the web’s dark and angry void. Traditional publishers target their marketing towards their network of book reviewers and buying agents who, in turn, bring a book … Read more

eBooks – Taking the Plunge

I love books.  I love the way that they feel in my hands.  I love how they smell.  To me, every book is a treasure. Hence, when the eBook craze began I was a doubter.  In fact, I was a fairly vocal critic of the movement.  I couldn’t imagine why anyone would choose to download … Read more

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