The Obsessive Worldbuilder Quiz

Do you spend weeks and weeks designing the ceremonial cloaks that your orcs wear for their Annual Wereboar BBQ? Do you sketch maps of obscure villages that haven’t existed in your world for thousands of years on napkins? Do you lie awake before bed and think, “I really should figure out how the ogres in … Read more

4 Essential Tips for First-Time Con-Goers

This article is by Joseph Zieja. Cons are vicious, insane things, where emotions run as hard and fast as the alcohol, where dreams are made and broken at bars, and where George R. R. Martin sends people out for cheese steaks at three o’ clock in the morning.  You will meet people dressed in costumes … Read more

Give Up: You’ll Never Be Published

With self-publishing on the rise, you can now bypass the traditional route, but there are still some of us out there that prefer the “submit, submit, submit” method. So why won’t you get published either way? Well, let me tell you, young grasshopper.  It could simply be that you’re not finishing anything. Here are five … Read more

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