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Cold Heart: Page 1 of part one

Reaper followed suit, he was used to the cold but that didn’t mean he wanted to freeze to death. Trying not to stare at the patch of grass and the two flowers that had leaked from Spring’s feet when he had gotten agitated. Then they heard a groan, another boy dressed in nothing but a grass loincloth. his skin burned dark as if he existed sorely in the sun’s warm rays climbed off the white sofa the only thing not covered in ice. He was beaten up pretty badly spouting a black eye and bruising on his left cheek and blood dripping from a cut on his forehead. Someone had tried to fight back. Reaper noted. Obviously, Summer Court, seriously, what were those has-beens planning? Spring leapt up and ran to his side. The boy’s powerful body tensed.

“Easy there, I’m not going to hurt you.” The stocky fairie looked at Springs small frame in disbelief. Reaper held back a snicker. Summer looked like he could snap Spring in half with one of his huge hands. “May I tend your wound?” Spring asked him. Summer nodded the Seelie Court fairie ripped off a bit of his own expensive tunic and bandaged the gash. Reaper saw Spring’s body twitch as his body absorbed a bit of the light Summer was giving off.

Spring jumped back and bowed. “Sorry!”

Summer chuckled, it was a booming sound. “It's fine. Spring fairies can't help but absorb our sunlight,” he added.

“Normally, I'd introduce myself but my companion complicates things, please understand,” Spring said.

The sudden change to formality told Reaper the Summer fairie was also nobility. “I understand why you would not speak in the presence of that thing,” Summer spat.

“Why the hostility?” Reaper asked with mock defensiveness.

“Your people have reduced countless numbers of my fellow warriors to useless wrecks who flinch at shadows!” Summer spat.

“What did you expect, goose feather pillows and Irish whiskey?” Reaper snorted.

“An honorable execution,” the Summer fairie retorted.

“Gentlemen, please,” Spring got between the two of them.

Reaper gave his head a shake the Seelie courtier was right, now wasn’t the time to let Summer get under his skin. Summer extended his hand and blasted a beam of sunlight at the wall, it melted away to reveal an iron wall. Reaper struggled not to flinch. Iron was poison to fairies, they burned at its touch. Summer fired up again and tried to blast through the wall but his magic didn’t dent the walls. Summer swore. “It's no use this wall will act as a barrier even our magic can't break,” Spring stated.

“If we’re in a castle there might be a secret passageway,” Reaper suggested.

“Yes, let's explore, follow me,” Spring commanded, pushing to the front flowers sprouting up from his feet as he walked then withering just as quickly from the cold

“Seelie Court arrogance, right?” Reaper whispered winking.

“Don’t try and befriend me, vermin,” Summer sneered.

“Don’t you get who’s holding us?” Reaper pointed out, motioning to the ice.

“I thought your people killed all of the Winter faes,” Summer protested.

“After the revolt, the bodies were too disassembled for an accurate estimate,” Reaper responded.

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