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Cold Heart: Page 4 of part one

“Back up, I can't concentrate with you crowding me unless you want him to die.” The creatures hopped back at least five feet. He pretended to check Spring while he saw Spring’s fingers twitch against his own boot. Reaper reached into it and his hand closed around a dagger hidden in a silk stocking.

“Why Unseelie taking so long?” Reaper moved, slicing the creature's throat with one violent movement of his hand. The second hissed, talons out, and slashed Reaper’s arm making him drop the knife. Then the creature fell forward as Spring smashed his high heeled shoe into the creature's skull over and over again until it stopped moving.

Summer gaped at him. “Where did you learn that?” he demanded

“My sister's ladies in waiting,” Spring said.

“You sneaky little shit, you had a weapon the whole time,” Reaper griped as he patted down the dead bodies.

“You weren’t exactly forthcoming either, Reaper,” Spring retorts.

It's the half skull face, isn’t it?” The death fairie quipped.

Summer pulls against the door. it wouldn't open. Then one of the creatures groaned. “Good, a survivor.” Reaper grabbed the still dazed creature by the shoulder and put Spring’s knife to his throat. “Either you open the door or I demonstrate how to properly interrogate for my boys.” Reaper smiles sharply.

“Only she can open door,” the creature whimpers.

Our captor, Reaper thought, then he motioned the other two forward and drove his weapon straight into Summer’s chest.

“No!” Spring and the creature cried out at the same time.

“Here that lady, Summer is going to bleed out!” Reaper shouted.

“What do you want?” a voice distinctly feminine but monotone echoed through the room.

“Uh....my freedom,” Reaper said with irritation.

“I'd rather lock the doors permanently,” The voice retorted.

“Stubborn, aren’t you,” Reaper said.

“I don’t like to lose. ” the women admitted.

“Okay then, an audience between you and me,” the death fairie said crisply. Spring was on his hands and knees trying to stop Summer from bleeding to death.

“Fine, Snowdrift, take the Summer Prince, I'll have another guard escort you shortly, I promise.” Reaper knew he had her none of their kind could break a promise without severe consequences. He allowed Snowdrift to pick up who he now knew was Prince Helios and carry him out once the door appeared. He had to restrain himself as Snowdrift carried Helios through.

“You...you!” Spring throws himself at him. Reaper realized he’s never seen the Seelie Court fairie lose it, he pins him easily and presses the blade of Spring’s own dagger against his cheek.

“Careful Spring, you wouldn’t want to get cut, not with your delicate condition,” Reaper taunts. “Tell me do your joints really swell up....from a single cut?” he asks eagerly.

“And to think I felt bad for you,” Spring spat.

“It's not your fault your reaction is natural from what I’ve observed,” Reaper says breezily. “Especially for those who leech off others,” he added.

“How dare you!” Spring glares.

“Why? You lack strength and rely on others to protect you. If Summer wasn’t so busy watching out for you. He would have seen that knife. You’re nothing but a useless burden.” Reaper paused. “ How is someone who isn’t strong enough to protect his ally, supposed to protect his people?” he asked, Spring’s face crumpled in reaction to his words. The death fairie felt a thrill run through him, the fact it was the Seelie Court prince made it better. “Summer probably doesn’t even like you, he just feels obligated because of his warrior’s code,” Reaper added.

Then the door appeared again and another of those same lizard creatures came in. Reaper flipped the knife expertly away from the Seelie fairie’s face “ See you later, Spring,” he said following the guards out of the room and down the icy hallways.

This had better work or Reaper might very well end up dead or worse.

To be continued............
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