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Cold Heart: Page 2 of part one

Summer looked disgusted. “Could a survivor regain the Unseelie Throne?” he asked.

“No, Queen Mab established the succession based on trial by combat,” Reaper responded.

“Are you King Dagda?” Summer asked him.

Reaper laughed loudly. Spring looked in his direction a startled expression on his face. Summer looked downright disbelieving. “I’m flattered you think I'm that regal,” Reaper smirked.

“You’re all common to me,” Summer sniffed.

Reaper bristled, that smug brat dismissing Dagda like that, he’d love to give him the same treatment as his brethren but Summer fae were trained warriors, he’d need a small squad to take the other boy down. No, it was best to just kill this one but not until Reaper got some use out of him.

“You shouldn’t be so impolite to our ally,” Spring chided lightly. So the Seelie faerie meant to use him as well, Reaper mused. The three of them looked around the parlor. Spring rifled through the bookcase made of ice moving each book slowly. Reaper pulled the white pillows off the couch throwing them to the ground. Summer checked every inch of the floor carefully. By what they thought might be evening. The three of them sat on the white chair cold, exhausted and worst of all hungry.

“I feel like an Egui,” Spring complained as his stomach growled.

“A what?” Summer asked.

“A hungry ghost.” the Seelie Court fairie said simply.

“Well, go on, a story might take our minds off our bellies,” Summer urged.

Not mine, Reaper thought, fear filling his chest. Spring weaved a tale about a greedy wife who tricked a monk and was cursed to wander the earth as a hungry ghost for her crimes. Of course, Seelie Court tales would have a moral somewhere in there, Reaper thought as he eyelids grew heavy.

Reaper awoke five seconds later to the feeling of something on his chest he looked over to see a shriveled looking woman with long tangled black hair her ribs stuck out and her eyes were ravenous, she was trying to slip into his skin. Reaper seized her by the throat and threw her off forcefully, the ghost hissed at him and lunged then screamed as Summer shot a sunbeam at her. She disappeared. Reaper felt a cold chill run through him as he stormed over and jerked Spring awake dragging him from his slumber. “I thought they were trapped in the afterlife! Either your story is shit or you called the damn thing here!” Reaper raged shaking him.

Summer stormed over and punched the Unseelie faerie in the face. Reaper lost what little restraint he had and soon the two of them were in a vicious brawl. Three minutes later with bruised and split lips Reaper sat down. “No more ghost stories just to be safe,” he stated coolly.

Summer less bruised but equally sullen nodded his agreement. Spring furiously bound Summer’s wounds. “Your both behaving like children,” Spring lectured. Then laying down and turning on his side he snapped at Summer, “If you want to fight him don’t use me as an excuse!”

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