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The Continents of Aurah no. 2; Inanna

  1. Inanna is the second-largest continent on Aurah. It straddles the equator and extends an equal distance both north and south of it. The far north-west, the north-east and the far south are warm temperate lands, where grapes, olives, citrus fruits and other crops grow in abundance. Head towards the equator from either direction and you will have to cross miles of inhospitable desert; indeed the Umtangan Desert in the north is Aurah's largest. Around the equator is the largest tropical forest in Aurah, while surrounding this are vast plains teeming with wildlife.
    Inanna's positioning has made it a highly influential land in terms of Aurahn history. The widely practised faiths of Muratism and Philtrism originated there. The great desert nation of Umtanga sent expeditions out to the islands north-east of Viola and established small colonies there. It has repeatedly driven back incursions from war-like Demetan rulers, most recently in the Second Great Aurahn War when it took advantage of seasonal droughts to drive back the forces of Vlaksgard. It established satellite nations in Western Demeta after the war and engaged in an infamous Super-Being Standoff with North Viola. Now a closer co-operation has been established between the nations.
    Most common species; Big cats, antelope (and other ungulates), pachyderms, camels
    Chief Industries; dates, coffee, tea, sugar, palm oil, biogas, gasahol, precious minerals, grain, spices, textiles, heavy machinery, electronics


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