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blog 7 Online Resources for Creating Fantasy Languages

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Featured Author, Jan 26, 2019.

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    Black Dragon submitted a new blog post:

    7 Online Resources for Creating Fantasy Languages
    This article is by Arianna Lemont.


    Constructed languages are complicated, especially if you’re just starting out with no guidelines and no direction. Throughout my years of writing and creating fantasy languages, I’ve compiled a list of some of my personal favorite online tools for creating your own language, for whether you’re a newbie with no starting point or an expert who may have missed a few resources. All of these tools are available for free online (just one of the things that makes them great).

    The Zompist Language Construction Kit

    This one is the big one, and my favorite. The Language Construction Kit is designed specifically for conlangers, by a conlanger and is perfect for fantasy and science fiction writers. It leads you through all the basics, including sounds, grammar and syntax, the world building surrounding language construction, and writing systems, and is easy to follow and great at explaining concepts. It’s available for free online, but there’s also a print book out now that is four times as long and full of great stuff. The book does cost money, however.

    Zompist Word Generator

    This is still Zompist, but it’s a different tool...
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  2. elemtilas

    elemtilas Inkling

    Some good resources there (especially for those looking for a more "how-to" / "hand holding" approach). There are several other good resources that really should be added to your list:

    1. The Language Creation Society is always prepared to put writers (and other artists) in touch with language inventors for hire
    2. Holly Lisle's Create a Language Clinic is a great resource for writers who want to tackle the job on their own but don't know how to approach
    3. The Conlang Mailing List, which continues to be the single best source of language invention brains all in one place
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  3. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    Thanks for adding these resources to the list, elemtilaselemtilas.
  4. elemtilas

    elemtilas Inkling

    No worries!

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