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Hello, fellow fantasy readers and writers!


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I'm an avid fantasy reader. I love discovering new worlds!
At some point there was a gap between kids and young adult fantasy. The line is more blurry now. For me, The Golden Compass was a turning point.
Now, I'm stepping to the other side: I've just published a novel for kids. Not sure which side is the dark one: reader's or writer's? :confused:


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The dark side would be the one that has the cookies, yes?
Congrats on the published novel :) writing for kids is one of the most important forms of storytelling... glad my kids don't read this, or I won't be able to avoid the bedtime-story demands hahaha :)

Caged Maiden

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The dark side... *holds the door open. "You should come in... It's nice and warm in here. Can I get you something? Cookies perhaps?" *Closes the door, shutting out all light...

Okay, I'm feeling weird tonight, and trying to resist talking like a pirate, so I'll say it quick. Welcome to the scribes!


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Arr...welcome to the site. Watch out fer the Caged Maiden. She be keelhaulin' lubbers this week.