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Hello fellow fantasy writers!!


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I'm glad to be here. been looking for a place like this for some time.

I'm febe. 33 years old, married, and greek mythology addict.

Looking forward to making new friends. I write urban mythology.

I'm @thefebemoss


Hi, Febe. Welcome to the zoo. Don't worry, the monkeys are all friendly, and the alligator has been taught not to bite. :)


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Hello I'm Brianna I'm seventeen years old and is a greek mythology addict. I also do lots a world-building for my storys.


Hello febe

I yet another addict of Greek mythology. I think it all started with being named Jason and seeing the Ray Harryhausen 1963 movie of the same name.


Myth Weaver
Hello Febe [and Dakrain123]
Hope you find this place as useful and distracting as I do.
Enjoy the craic.
Leap on in when you feel the need...


Howdy, I'm new as well. I'm not terribly familiar with a number of sub-genres. What exactly is urban mythology? Is it essentially classic gods and such in modern setting? Sounds interesting either way.
Hello, I am not necessarily a Greek geek but I do enjoy their mythology quite a bit! Also, I have never really heard of Urban Mythology but it sounds really cool!